The essence of network marketing let users deepen understanding of the product

now network marketing has become a popular concept, but an industry participants know the importance of the former. This is not a bad thing, after all, can promote the development of the industry as a whole. In addition the wine is also afraid of deep alley, appropriate marketing themselves indeed conducive to product sales. But when we said the network marketing and so on, even for new kids in the company to talk with eloquence, I can not help but want to ask everyone to know the true meaning of

network marketing?

some people may say that the truth is not to say it? Network marketing is not in order to improve the exposure rate to boost sales performance? Yes, this is indeed the purpose of network marketing, but it is not true. In my opinion, the network marketing is a systems engineering, it needs a network platform for information dissemination and mature control, even sometimes involves psychology things, just as we do search time to know customers will search what word, network marketing is embodied in the let the user know us where, know where the product is


you remember marketing rules do you attract – familiar with one of five, – mutual – keep – support, which can be regarded as a gradual process, experienced or novice will need to follow this principle. When you make a product, the user did not know of its existence, or not to pay attention, then you pay and effort, which is marketing has no meaning, so in this sense, not only is the marketing promotion, but direct target groups, profit is a complete process.

Of course,

has only attracted enough attention to the process, as the conversion rate optimization, attract just help us bring attention to traffic, how to enhance the user’s impression, it is the focus of the next step of marketing. But to tell the truth in the first step, after each step is very difficult, because at this stage you want your user can be attracted to you familiar with your products, completed a qualitative leap, or primary become your loyal fans, just like the original millet marketing gimmick, when the past. How many people know that you are leaving and fancier as the reason, this is not just a test of the previous do attract work is not in place, there is no appeal to really want to understand the user’s psychology, psychology has been used since the beginning of operation.

I want to

on the interaction and technical personnel actually know more than us, although he is a pure marketing staff, for the technology is not proficient, but from my notion of interaction must cause the attention of people, and to get enough attention to technical personnel. The interaction can only simply chicken ribs function, interaction can really get visitors trust, such as medical station visits, such as sales service station quiz, interactive process is carried out on the viscosity of processing in the marketing flow, which is conducive to the process of the interaction of synonyms is communication, only by this step we can know what is the real needs of visitors deep.

to maintain the network marketing process is generally easier to ignore the point, because the big

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