How to promote their not good at enterprise website

from the information before I stand up to now enterprise station, it is website optimization and promotion, but compared to do the promotion enterprise website is not always the same. Used to do information station, the most important to ensure that the content of the information station is new enough, fast enough, the original rate is high, an information site is easy to do. And now for the enterprise itself, the enterprise is the main focus of the enterprise can do for the customer, and the site itself to take into account the image of the enterprise and conversion rate. Such a point for the enterprise to optimize itself is both easy and difficult thing.

as I am now in charge of several new enterprise station, these sites are very characteristic of the enterprise itself, but the optimization process will inevitably encounter the following situation.

situation: when the other party is not willing to exchange links with the new enterprise station chain.

this situation I often encounter, a lot of people do not want to talk business station Links, the reason is very simple, for the exchange of Links website with me, the enterprise website itself on their website can bring the conversion rate is not very high, do not have much effect on the exchange links website itself. At the same time a lot of enterprise website weight, included is not very high, so most people are not willing to exchange.

situation two: the chain is difficult to send


also believe that many do enterprise site optimization friends will be met, especially in some places outside will be deleted, like (jig), while the hair of the chain will be deleted outside, the white work a.

situation three: the optimizer itself is not familiar with the areas involved in the enterprise.

everyone has their own areas of expertise. But when you are in charge of the site is that you do not even familiar with the field has not even touched, you find yourself have a kind of feeling can not start. Like (jigs and fixtures), the field involved in this site is not previously involved in the field of my own, it is completely unclear, and sometimes difficult to optimize the start. In accordance with the previous optimization, but did not imagine the effect.

for the above situation, the author here lists several solutions, welcome to increase:

1, communicate with their customers, more understanding of customer needs

2, more than the other webmaster to communicate to the webmaster to learn more about some of the current site of the situation, in this process will be able to improve their own means of optimization, and may also

how to exchange links.

3, when exposed to unfamiliar with their own industry, by looking at the relevant information and related forums to understand. And look at the same type of website is how to optimize an eye.

above is my opinion, welcome everyone to communicate, contact QQ:1161750634>

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