These brands do not moon cake worse than ali! Do not believe you see a large collection of enterpris

new year dumplings rice dumpling mooncake has become an integral part of the Festival ceremony, Miss taste "brand communication occasion gifts has become the welfare enterprise" in the show, "" is the brand occasion paste "taste" exists.

this season, a test of creative brand to "design, do good pictures show", can promote the brand culture, but also reward hard work staff, but also to attract the public, might therefore attract talent, too, compared to the hundreds of millions of communication cost is low high return investment".

near the Mid Autumn Festival is full of joy between Ali by taking out a pile of "murder cake".


so many people have joined the camp stand into three columns:

a Army: do not be small and evil, the penalty

two army: in view of the starting point is not malicious, after the discovery of active and honest and not for the purpose of profit, fired too serious, there is a better solution, 1, 2, 3……

services: Baidu, Tencent, Qihoo 360 and other internal staff have said that for example I still in the atmosphere, and the olive branch


but are more concerned about the "people", the moon cake to Meicheng what? He found is this:


Cartoon expression moon cake

Ali orange, a sound like no adorable face "Beauty causes danger." potential, actually ended the four member of the "Ali life", and "cake" appearances can be deceptive.

at the same time, the circle of friends has become a moon cake fancy show high value in Yan home court, and each has its own characteristics, uncle think better together alone, special collection boutique inviting everyone to admire "slobber".

BiliBili (B


as the two dimension "prime minister" figures, Mid Autumn Festival gift do quite dimension wind, B station two sisters spaceship fly its own "spiritual space" hole in the brain, with the gift of the plate is printed on a unique "face" adorable, and background of the cloud is not reminiscent of to play the curtain screen. Although the moon cake is limited, the plate will always be retained, there is no LOGO is reminiscent of a good plate.




not only cups fast production, fancy gift box is more with the season transformation, in addition to the Starbucks logo outside this new moon goddess to two tailed mermaid as the engine, a call of reunion in the border ", refined aesthetic.



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