The network marketing effect monitoring system can monitor the whole marketing link effectively

for experienced network marketing practitioners, the importance of the network marketing effect monitoring in the whole network marketing is self-evident, not only can effectively improve the marketing work, also can reduce unnecessary expenses in the promotion of saving time and costs at the same time, the marketing activities in the security market share continued cost reduction growth. So friends know how to monitor the effect of network marketing it?

some time ago, Xiao Bian also for this thing upset, seeing so many people every day to help small demand, can be small but can not do anything, feeling very bad. Fortunately, hard work pays off, Xiaobian to continue after a month out there finally from a friend get help, get a network marketing effect and convenient monitoring system from the mouth, immediately Xiaobian for everyone secret.

This is

insiders called network marketing marketing artifact monitoring system name is called cloud claw Internet marketing analysis and management system, is a listed company in Shanghai at Technology Automation Co. Ltd. research and development, it is understood that Shanghai Qibo Technology Co. Ltd. is the first domestic one refers to the high-end software product development business, its the product has cloud computing platform and network marketing management system analysis of claw Bo Yang, cloud software.

1, Bo Yang software is the realization of the promotion of social public praise, including word of mouth, micro-blog promotion, micro-blog precision marketing, micro-blog popular interaction, quiz interactive, interactive forums, public opinion monitoring.

2, cloud computing platform aggregation massive computer, complete the Internet public opinion monitoring, distributed compilation, distributed 3D rendering, large-scale scientific computing, securities analysis and other computing tasks.

3, word of mouth marketing services combined with the news media, micro-blog marketing, Forum blog and other resource advantages, coupled with the advantages of independent software research and development, to provide customers with the overall solution of social word-of-mouth marketing.

large company products, whether it is safe or functional aspects of security. Its main purpose is to be accurate for keywords for news source status, competition situation, competition situation and effective information platform status, effective news source status, "the competition situation and make precise analysis and online analysis of written reports, analysis file of each stage, provide an important basis for carrying out network the day after the marketing. With it, I believe that friends will no longer have to worry about how to monitor the effectiveness of network marketing.

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