How to make money online promotion and Witkey

if you know the people who make money online, will know witkey.

at present, there are two main forms of Witkey, one is the questioner reward, respondents provide the answer for the question of choice; the other is the creator to provide intellectual products, for those who need to pay to see. In the online bidding project of Witkey, all customers are their own pricing, and customers are members of the Witkey website. Customer release project, will be issued debt Witkey website first, put forward specific design requirements and closing date. In Witkey website customers have a lot of autonomy, of course, they first will also consider how people (we called Witkey) would make a bid, but the people on the label, of course, can get this money, this is probably the process in Witkey make money online.

are interested can go online to see Witkey Witkey, now this lot, so cause competition is intense, is not as easy as before the bid. Personal advice, do Witkey task is best to choose some simple task, although less money, but the money you do this thing to have more confidence. Instead, choose some of the tasks you find difficult, not only their own pressure, and not easy to win, the result of a waste of time and energy.

the money in Witkey online here, we talk about the campaign to promote.

we know who is a task, if you change an angle to think, if you not to Witkey make money online, but do promotion, can do? The answer is yes, but is the intersection of silver, but better than those advertising to a little cheaper? Oh! If you think of a yuan of money promotion fee is too expensive, it does not matter, this is just a promotion ideas, for everyone to share vision just.

about the process is like this, you first register an account, publish a task, the task is best to be related to the content of your promotion, otherwise it is not to prevent the invasion of the chicken. For example, you want to popularize a website, and then you write on campaign to understand your mission requirements, design a logo with a certain website, oh. Do not say, the following we know how to do it? Sometimes things too much, too, it is not so attractive, or to maintain a little bit of a good sense of mystery.

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