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Google business center is to provide the area businesses information platform, help users search quickly and accurately find local businesses and enterprises, not only the service of search engine users, and help enterprises to do the promotion. Following Hou Qinglong said registered under the business center Google steps:

the first step, the application to create a Google account, login and login hl=zh-CN


second step, enter the Google Merchant Center website,, click add new address, began to officially register Google merchant center.


Third step

to fill in the details of real numbers, zip code, telephone number, or may not receive a confirmation message sent by Google.


the fourth step to select a service in the category, can add other categories that can be selected, Business Hours, upload photos in the company can send some photos.


The fifth step is to wait for the

, Google sent a "personal identification number" letters, about two weeks or so, wait, after confirmation can quickly in the Google search engine to see your information, let you better than web snapshot ranking.



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