Zhang Guanren original version of enterprise network promotion plan (D)

seven, how to equip the company website

through the above analysis we know that a corporate website to do a good promotion effect, it is necessary to buy some equipment".

1, domain name

we see the top of the "Shanghai microcre light machine" has a website domain name ten. The effect of multi domain name is to be able to search the domain name to a different domain. So the search engine will not think you are cheating.

we can purchase multiple domain names to bind the corporate website, so as to achieve the effect.

2, space

company is now using the network company provides commercial space, such space control in the network firms, we cannot modify and maintain the website through the FTP server space management tools.

so you want to buy an independent space or server, in order to achieve independent control of space.

3, website production

website production is not the same as the ordinary enterprise website construction. Here is how to reconstruct the site code, how to make the search engine spiders like our corporate website. This involves the issue of SEO. We can ask professional SEO master to the site code to do a reconstruction design to achieve the purpose of improving the ranking.

is basically the above 3 parts.

eight, how to make better use of Baidu

in the domestic network search engine, Baidu has dominated the address. 80% of the domestic Chinese websites rely on Baidu to flow, Chinese site now has more and more attached to Baidu, if one day Baidu suddenly closed, the site will become attached to her headless flies to find the north, even the moment of death.

Baidu now has more than just satisfied with the search industry to do the boss, its tentacles gradually extended to a number of Internet industry. This also makes Baidu’s own products more and more. Just a Baidu Post Bar, has been firmly occupy the top network BBS website! So many people will be advertising information through Baidu post. We can release some of the products related to the company’s products and product information, in order to achieve the purpose of publicity.

Baidu know. Baidu is known to be a Q & A based, similar to the one hundred thousand why and what kind of interactive Q & A. We can do the product publicity by asking questions and answers. For example, Dongguan where there is the maintenance of the projector so we can answer, the company’s information released.

Baidu encyclopedia. Baidu encyclopedia is a dictionary information website. You can add content to do the product publicity.

there are some interactive columns can release information to achieve the purpose of publicity.

The role of

nine, B2B/B2C business website


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