Search engines are not included in the page

1, the use of Web Framework: the contents of the framework is usually not within the scope of the search engine crawl.

2, picture text too much, too little.

4, submitted too frequently: 2 times a month to submit the above, many search engines can not stand, think you are submitting garbage.

5, the website keyword density is too large: unfortunately the search engine did not explain how high density is the limit, generally 100 words contain 3-4 key words for the best.

6, the color of the text with the background color: search engine that you are cheating its stack keywords.

7, dynamic web content management system: the website easy to update a web page, but for most of the search engine trouble, many search engines do not receive dynamic pages, or charge only the first page, not down the depth charge. At this time to consider the use of WEB server rewrite (rewrite) technology, the dynamic page of the URL map and static pages URL similar format, the search engine that is a static page, it will be charged.

8, the website server transfer: search engines usually only know the IP address conversion, host or domain name, IP/DNS address change, then you have to re submit your site.

9, free web space: some search engines to index from free space site, complained a lot of garbage, poor quality.

10, search engines crawl the site is not online: if the host is not stable, it may happen. Even worse, even if the site has been included, found that when the crawl is not online, the site will be deleted.

11, error block robots index: a simple text file website root directory two methods may block the robots: host server; containing a META tag page.

13, the search engine can not parse DNS: new domain name registration after you need 1-2 days to take effect, so do not immediately registered the domain name website submission.

14, links too low popularity: link is too low a wide range of degrees, search engine to find you, then consider the website login to the well-known categories, or do a few Links.

15, the server speed word

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