On the optimization of English website in stem technology


technology refers to the certain words English is derived from a main stem, for example work is a word, make a lot of sense the same or related but different tense, voice by the word, singular and plural forms, such as working, worked, worker, works, workers.

Technology (keyword stemming) in a English website optimization is more obvious, but also have certain reference significance for Chinese website optimization.

in web content writing, try to keep the different forms of the same stem derived from natural fusion in sentences, instead of using only a single form. That is to say, if your target keyword is work, the best working, worked, worker, works, workers, and so on, these words should also appear properly. read more

Some advice for an unprofitable station owner

usually and I share the same grassroots station in the process of communication, lamented the hardships of webmaster career, but also for some of the webmaster hard to pay, and almost no return and doubly sigh with emotion. Some Adsense ads try to the identity of buyers from twelve square fashion network (http://s.beauty12.com) on Ali Wangwang or QQ instant links to find me, a way to communicate with me, want to find some way to make money. In fact, I am very willing to communicate with the webmaster, learn from each other, here, I will put some of my ideas and practices released, and I hope the new station have some help. read more

The mood of a webmaster

is a real occupation of my enterprise network administrator, because of the need to work and I will do the initiation of a special network management service website idea, after several days of deliberation decided to name your website is called "network", the name that sounds very cordial, and then renamed "Chinese" registered "wangluo8.com" domain name, web site by several friends recommend, I chose the " dedecms" the website system, the system of personal website is free to use, from my personal webmaster history begins. read more

Website promotion is a protracted war, master should master tactics skill

often see webmaster website promotion articles, summed up is those commonly used way. Between theory and application, there is an action, and only by insisting on it can we see the result.

I have to go to work every day from the small alley walk to the bus station, on the way to work every day, will meet with a sword hand in the alley, dressed in white clothes, some elderly white hair. The hands of the sword, that old man is "practice", the old man every day and I came, I didn’t know he was practicing sports back, or going to practice. Every day on our way to work we passed by. I don’t know if the old man has made an impression on me, but I have already been impressed with the old man, the same clothes, the fixed time, the meeting every day. read more

Station master, be careful every step you take

believes that in the webmaster community, everyone has an embarrassing amount of embarrassment, especially when it comes to collaboration.

a few days ago in the Internet, people through my web site QQ found me and said to me what Baidu alliance what pack a monthly income of around 4500, and he received the money after fifty fifty, the beginning will have some doubts about how there is such a thing, but he repeated soft said, considering that since the money is directly to my account, then how are there will be deceived, promised cooperation. read more

Why do you use A5 intermediaries for trading

A5 forum is the biggest trading forum in the webmaster industry. There is almost a collection of millions of owners across the country, the national outstanding IDC, advertising alliance also perennial in this together! A5 is the most professional webmaster forum here! The most innovative and professional transactions, so the owners will be one of the global forum! Of course, A5 is the industry leader, here every day thousands of transactions. But through A5 intermediaries trading is really very small, only one percent, read more

s the rise of China’s portal because the system is good

Abstract: we have to go back more than 20 years ago to find out.


recently published an article "surging network supervision at tight, content production gray area" article. The writer is Zhang Taofu, Professor of Journalism at Fudan University.

in this article, the first paragraph focuses on black text is like this: "portal in China’s rise, is in technology, markets and the government’s three bonus background achievements.". If there is no system of good and new media technology tuyere, portal is impossible to rise rapidly. The system designer of the year, due to the Internet as the representative of the advanced productive forces of the expected better, given the preference system of Internet development after the first richly endowed by nature, the spirit of the principle of standardization, gives the system space of Internet enterprises unprecedented, let its enjoy for a relaxed environment in the market." read more

Dislocation theory in website operation and popularization

The marketing of

website emphasizes not only the difference between one’s own products and other similar products, but also the advantages of their products (product differentiation). We should also use marketing techniques to create "customer satisfaction" in the process of publicity".

what is dislocation theory,


"dislocation" strategy, since ancient times, the most famous example is "Tian Ji horse", but this is only a superficial application of "dislocation theory". Because of the "dislocation theory" has two levels: a strategy strategy is "horizontal dislocation", and is also the competitor "dislocation", aims to "difference" to attract consumers, this is China lateral marketing marketing industry currently very popular "". But we want to emphasize is "another strategy dislocation theory" — "longitudinal dislocation", which is to create the hearts of consumers with their own "dislocation", not only for the purpose of segment competitors is leading to "purchase behavior" smoothly, and maintain good relationship with customers, and ultimately the creation of "consumer satisfaction". read more

Change the domain name 20 days search engine collection process

can be said that the replacement of the domain name is very helpless things, is equal to a few months ago a lot of hard work is meaningless, a lot of work to start again, especially the chain and search engines, the greatest impact.

initially considered making a luggage class website, but due to incomplete consideration, without a clear judgment on the future goals, the new website was hastily launched, so my first forum came out. I register domain name from the beginning, without any experience, did not consider what.COM ah,.CN ah, what is the difference, even the most basic length is not too much consideration. In the beginning, I used a relatively long CN domain name: bagstreet.cn (here is not advertising, this domain name I have been disabled, just for example), I made a forum, named luggage walking street. The basic idea is to let everyone into the Forum (in the future site), into the broad streets of the city like, the information is like all kinds of goods, like the dazzling array. read more

A fish Rainbow auxiliary nets get traffic skills

for a web site, traffic is very important, of course, the nature of the site also determines how much it gets a different way of flow and flow, industry websites must have targeted traffic, and entertainment sites such as long as the flow will be zhaodanquanshou. Today, the fish to share with you rainbow auxiliary network such industry class website access to traffic tips, I hope this article useful for everyone, good, nonsense, not to say, see the text,


first a flow chart for everyone to see, see read more