Motor Mouth: Lies, damn lies and fuel economy figures

first_imgCreated with Raphaël 2.1.2Created with Raphaël 2.1.2 Pumping the wrong gas into your car could end up costing you dearly. The Economist calls it “post-truth” politics, “a reliance on assertions that ‘feel true,’ but have no actual basis in fact.” Of course, prevaricating politicians are nothing new, but what is different about the modern art of the lie, says the world’s foremost news magazine, is not that truth is falsified, but that it is “of secondary importance.” The lies, it says, are not intended to convince non-believers of a false view of the world, “but to reinforce prejudices” and, most especially, validate “common sense” truths that, again, “feel true.” In other words, just tell us what we want to hear so we don’t have to think.It should come as no surprise that Donald Trump is cited as the leading practitioner of the “post-truth” lie, but then Hillary is hardly a stranger to fantabulous fabrication. Now, judging from the hearings surrounding the mid-term evaluation of U.S. Corporate Average Fuel Economy (CAFE) standards, both automobile manufacturers and environmental lobbyists are following in their footsteps. And just like The Donald, both sides of the argument are using a kernel of truth — that CAFE standards call for automakers to achieve a fleet average of 54.5 miles per gallon by 2025 — to tell their whoppers.The automakers — represented by the Alliance of Automobile Manufacturers and backed by Republican lawmakers — are implying they can’t meet the standards because consumers are buying more trucks and SUVs that, no surprise, can’t get anywhere near 54.5 mpg. Environmental groups, meanwhile, counter that automakers signed on for the regulations and should damned well have their feet held to the fire to meet them. Fuel estimates finally get a reality check COMMENTSSHARE YOUR THOUGHTS Trending Videos Want to boost your fuel economy? Stop turning leftBoth are lying.The worst — or, if you’re a cynical journalist, the funniest — thing about this deception is that they’re both telling the same lie. Indeed, while climate change deniers and eco-weenies may be pandering to different constituencies and perpetuating radically different agendas, in a perfect example of the duplicitous nature of politicians, the tall tales they’re telling are based on the very same falsehood. That is…No one, despite all the numbers quoted, despite the massive headlines back when President Obama signed the latest CAFE standards into law, no one actually ever promised 54.5 mpg. They implied it. They hoped for it. Indeed, they expected it. But the agreement that, in 2011, was heralded as a breakthrough for emissions reduction across North America — because we Canadians basically followed suit — never once, despite the claims you’re reading in other newspapers, promised 54.5 mpg.Here’s what they did promise:CAFE regulations don’t actually call for a fleet average, 54.5 mpg or otherwise. What they do stipulate is model-by-model fuel economy improvement or, more accurately, segment-by-segment increases in fuel economy. Essentially, the government divided all cars into segments determined by size — designated by their “footprint” or physical length and width — and mandated fuel economy improvements for each. Thus, all economy cars were lumped together, as were all midsize sedans, SUVs and pickups. And each group was expected to increase its average fuel economy by a specific amount — 5.0 per cent for passenger cars, a lesser 3.5 per cent annually for pickups and SUVs — every year until 2025. Now here’s where that magical 54.5 mpg figure came from. Based on sales at the time — passenger cars versus trucks and SUVs — when you averaged out the fuel economy of all the cars being sold, those mandated improvements would have eventually led to that magical 54.5 mpg number. It’s important to note that this 54.5 mpg was not mandated; it was simply the target. Only the individual segment-by-segment “footprint” fuel economy improvement is law; the average is not.Of course, no one could envisage — since we’d become so accustomed to price increases at the pump — the cheap gas we currently enjoy. Or the fact that consumers, admittedly short sighted, would use this unexpected economy to buy more trucks and bigger cars. So, while individual models are in fact increasing their fuel economy as per the regulations, the fact remains that the North American fleet will not, at least if current sales trends hold, hit that 54.5 miles per gallon figure in 2025. Indeed, the original 54.5 mpg figure was based on just 33 per cent of the vehicles sold in 2025 being trucks; if, as estimates now suggest, that percentage is closer to 52 per cent, the projected fuel economy drops to 50 mpg.Maybe now you can see the fibs both sides are weaving out of this narrative. Environmentalists, claiming that 54.5 mpg figure as sacrosanct, are saying that automakers are failing to meet their obligations and doing what environmentalists — at least those in the automobile industry — always do, i.e. trying to force automakers to sell vehicles — small cars and EVs — that the public clearly doesn’t want. Read between the lines and what they really want is for the government to up the mpg requirements of individual cars (which is already a law) so the fleet still meets that 54.5 mpg average (which, again, was nothing but an estimate).Of course, the automakers (and their GOP friends) are hardly innocents in this fracas. Never a fan of legislated improvements, some are using the public’s desire for increasingly larger cars and trucks to claim that consumers are unconcerned if the fleet average doesn’t hit the 54.5 mpg target; they just want to buy trucks and bigger cars. That may well be true, but the fact remains that current legislation does not, in any way, hinder them from selling the trucks and SUVs the public so craves. Indeed, Ford could sell nothing but pickups and yet, if they managed to increase the F-150’s year-over-year fuel economy by the proscribed amount, they would still be in compliance. (Automakers are also complaining that meeting these targets is too expensive to attain, even though Consumers Union — the policy and action division of Consumer Reports magazine — pointedly notes that, so far, technology costs associated with fuel economy improvements are running below predictions.) In other words, both sides are fibbing and, as I said, are using the very same misrepresentation to peddle their falsehoods. Oh, what a tangled web doth government bureaucrats weave when they try to force change that the market — i.e. you and I — doesn’t want. 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first_img Las operadoras respaldan el papel de Qualcomm en la RAN abierta AddThis Sharing ButtonsShare to LinkedInLinkedInLinkedInShare to TwitterTwitterTwitterShare to FacebookFacebookFacebookShare to MoreAddThisMore 05 FEB 2016 Author Liberty Global has reportedly withdrawn from the bidding process to acquire T-Mobile Netherlands, instead opting to pursue a tie-up with Vodafone in the country.The cable giant, which operates Dutch cable entity Ziggo, and Vodafone Netherlands confirmed talks earlier this week regarding a possible deal to combine both businesses.The move has however had a knock on effect to Deutsche Telekom’s unit T-Mobile Netherlands, according to sources at local publication Telegraaf, with Liberty Global now “officially out of the race” to acquire the company put up for sale in October.The publication suggests Liberty Global favours a deal with Vodafone in light of its recent history with the UK-based operator. Talks between the two in the Netherlands come just months after a breakdown in negotiations regarding a wider asset merger in Europe.Liberty Global’s withdrawal means T-Mobile Netherlands could now fall into the hands of private equity investors Appollo and Warburg Pincus, which made non-binding bids of approximately €2.5 billion, plus add-ons, reported Reuters in November.A valuation of €5 billion was actually touted when news of the sale first broke, and in other contrasting recent reports, the German operator has now actually decided to shelve plans to sell the operator after not receiving high enough bids.Telegraaf added any potential deal with Vodafone and Ziggo is likely to face regulatory scrutiny at a European level.T-Mobile Netherlands is the country’s third largest player with 3.7 million connections as of Q1 2016. Vodafone is number two in the Netherlands with 6.2 million. Kavit joined Mobile World Live in May 2015 as Content Editor. He started his journalism career at the Press Association before joining Euromoney’s graduate scheme in April 2010. Read More >> Read more Kavit Majithia Previous ArticleVirgin Media surprises with Hutch/O2 supportNext ArticleFacebook wants to hit 5B users by 2030; touts Nigeria mobile milestone Español center_img Tags Vodafone, Safaricom beat MTN to Ethiopia licence Home Liberty Global pursues Vodafone over T-Mob in Netherlands Related Liberty Global eyes edge move with Digital Colony JV Liberty GlobalNetherlandsVodafonelast_img read more

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first_img‘Inclusion not exclusion’ is the motto of Para-Triathlon Ireland, and now, for the first time para-athletes can take part in a para-triathlon relay, which will be held in Loughrea Co. Galway on 6 August next.The para relay race, which will be staged by Athenry and Loughrea based Predator Triathlon Club, aims to attract para-athletes with an interest in competing in either of the three triathlon disciplines: swim, bike and run.The event, which will be held in conjunction with Triathlon Ireland, is the first of its kind in the country, and will be held in and around the crystal clear waters of Lough Rea Lake, which is regarded as having the clearest waters of all Irish triathlon venues – the perfect introductory race.The idea of taking part in the three legs of a triathlon is a daunting prospect for new para and able-bodied athletes, but now with the option of linking with other athletes in a team relay, the possibility of completing the event and experiencing a first taste of the unique competition is all the more realistic.The race will be held over the standard triathlon Sprint distance and consists of a 750m swim in the blue flag Loughrea Lake – in 90 per cent of the route it is possible to stand – a 20km cycle/handbike and a 5km run/race chair. Safety as always is priority number one, and on the day Predator Triathlon Club volunteers and Triathlon Ireland staff will be on hand to assist athletes with their needs, while training plans are also available to get you on the road to Loughrea.According to Triathlon Ireland’s High Performance Para Tri-Technical Director, Eamonn Tilley, the Loughrea event is the perfect chance for para-athletes to dip their toe into the triathlon world for the first time.“Following on from the Rio Paralympic Games in 2016, the involvement of para-athletes in sport has taken off over the last six months,” said Mr Tilley.“Athletes at all levels are now looking to get involved and not just compete but to enjoy all kinds of sports, be it swimming, cycling, running, boccia or triathlons.“Many of these athletes are always on the look out to compete in events around Ireland, and Predator Triathlon Club in conjunction with Triathlon Ireland, is now offering a solution that fits all abilities and disciplines. “We hope to raise the profile of the sport and at the same time offer an avenue for athletes at all levels to compete against each other in a warm, friendly and competitive environment.”Teams of three athletes will compete one leg each of the Loughrea Triathlon on 6 August 2017, and a minimum of one athlete from each team must be a para-athlete. Anyone interested in competing in the para relay can contact Maggie Vahey, Predator Triathlon Club, at [email protected] 087-9832020, or Loic Bocquet, Predator Triathlon Club, at [email protected], to register their interest, while any complete teams can register their team online at at a cost of €90.The para-triathlon relay will form part of the Loughrea Triathlon Festival, which will be held on Sunday 6 August. Events on the day include the National Junior Championship (16-19 year olds), the senior sprint race, the Para-triathlon National Championship and youth races for triathletes between the ages of 8 and 15.More that 800 triathletes are expected to take part in one of the biggest ever Loughrea Triathlon Festivals this August, and registration for all of the festival events is now open.To register or for more information regarding this year’s Loughrea Triathlon visit and or follow the club on Facebook or on Twitter for regular updates.Aidan McGlynn readies himself for transition after the bike leg. Photo: Damien Jackson.Irish para-triathlete Denton Howard is action during the run leg of his triathlon. Photo: Damien Jackson.Fiona McCormack puts the final touches on her equipment ahead of the race. Photo: Damien Jackson.print WhatsApp Facebook Twitter Email Fiona McCormack puts the final touches on her equipment ahead of the race. Photo: Damien Jackson. Para-athlete David Kerr completes the swim leg of a race earlier this year. Photo: Damien Jackson.By DECLAN ROONEYlast_img read more