Remove “bulls” from list of performing animals: AIADMK MPs

first_imgNew Delhi, Jan 11 (PTI) A delegation of AIADMK MPs today reached the Prime Ministers office here to submit a memorandum seeking to remove “bulls” from the list of performing animals through an ordinance for smooth conduct of Jallikattu this year.The 27-member delegation led by Lok Sabha Deputy Speaker M Thambidurai stressed that any changes in the list of performing animals solely “rests with the Central government” and it is “wrong” to wait for Supreme Courts ruling on the issue.Thambidurai said it was the UPA government in 2011 that included “bulls” in the list.”Now, the powers of altering the list rests with Modi-led Central government. We believe the request of people of Tamil Nadu would be fulfilled immediately,” he told reporters outside the PMO.The delegation of MPs submitted a memorandum regarding the issue to Nripendra Misra, Principal Secretary to the PM, and demanded that “bulls” be removed from the list of performing animals through an ordinance.The issue is not just confined to Tamil Nadu but to several other states in the country including Maharashtra, Thambidurai said.”We want other states also to benefit from the outcome. Bull is considered as one of the family members and the sport does not hurt the animal. Jallikattu will encourage the breeding of cattle,” the deputy speaker said.Meanwhile, the delegation met Union Environment Minister Anil Madhav Dave this morning and submitted another memorandum regarding the same. PTI CPB IKAlast_img read more

Hall of Famer Gary Payton Called on to Tutor

The Washington Wizard franchise is banking heavily on John Wall– re-signing him to a max-level contract extension of $80 million over five years. But to minimize risk, the ball club has called on Hall of Famer Gary Paton to tutor the point guard.Wall has suffered injuries that made him miss about half the games in the season, but on top of that, he has shot only 24.4 percent from three-point range and 42.3 percent from the field in his professional career.Wall might now have the perfect tutor, J. Michael of states:“Wall still plans to hook up with Gary Payton, a Hall of Fame point guard who was one of the best of his generation, in Seattle before returning to train with the Wizards on Aug. 20. Plus, he had ample time to watch the nuances of Tony Parker as he led the San Antonio Spurs to the NBA finals and the Memphis Grizzlies’ Mike Conley, who helped his team advance to the Western Conference finals.“‘Footwork also, just like catching the ball and working on pivots and stuff,’ Wall said about what he has done this offseason, in addition to refining his jump shot. ‘Floaters. Watched a lot of Tony Parker throughout the playoffs and I see how Mike Conley added to his game after I went to two of his playoff series.’“Wall also is going to lobby coach Randy Wittman to allow him to do something else.‘Hopefully I’ll get an opportunity to post up this year,’ he said.“That’s where Payton, who also stood 6-4 and could be too physical for opposing point guards, could help most. Like Wall, he wasn’t the best jump shooter to start his career but became a solid one.“By his fourth season, Payton shot better than 50 percent from the field. He only was a career 31.7 percent shooter from three.”Time will tell if Payton’s lessons will have any effect on Wall. If they are noticeable there might be life after the NBA for many retired NBA ballers. read more

The Secret To The Rams Blocking Success Isnt The Linemen Its Sean

1San Francisco20123.192.570.634.50 11Baltimore20183.122.710.434.61 8New England20173.082.650.445.05 But an NFL offense is not just at the mercy of the defense when it comes to running against stacked or light boxes. Play-callers actually have a large degree of control over how many defenders near the line of scrimmage they will have to face. When an offense trots out three or more wide receivers, the defense nearly always matches with an equal number of defensive backs, which limits the number of linebackers on the field and lightens up the box.Since the 2009 season, the number of rushing plays that faced six or fewer defenders in the box has skyrocketed. This is a reflection of an evolving offensive philosophy, not a defensive one. The increasing number of light boxes was a response to the massive shift by NFL offenses to the “11 personnel”: 1 running back, 1 tight end and — most importantly — three wide receivers. Over the course of the past decade, the 11 personnel became the most popular personnel package in the NFL. It’s now the base NFL offense. And nickel5Defenses with five defensive backs on the field. is the current base defense — a sea change from the previous decade when 3-4 and 4-3 defensive fronts were the norm. 16Kansas City20103.062.700.374.44 10Washington20123.162.740.434.24 In fact, if all you know about a running play in the NFL is the approximate field position of a team and the number of defenders near the line of scrimmage, you’re able to predict the leaguewide yards per carry with an extraordinarily high degree of accuracy: 96 percent of yards-per-carry totals are explained by the offense’s field position and the number of men the opponent has in the box. How many defenders are in the box is almost certainly the most important factor in determining rushing success in football, so it follows that we should try to account for it. Todd Gurley began the 2018 season on fire, accumulating yards and scoring touchdowns at a historic pace. Despite missing the final two games of the season, the second-highest-paid running back in the NFL led the league in rushing touchdowns and finished fourth in yards from scrimmage. And yet, Gurley may start Super Bowl LIII as a backup. Since returning from injury, the Rams star has been outplayed by fill-in journeyman running back C.J. Anderson, who has more or less relegated Gurley to a change-of-pace role.How is this even possible? How can a player go from being the league’s premier running back to backing up a guy who was cut by the Denver Broncos in May, the Carolina Panthers in November and the Oakland Raiders in December? We’ve seen backup running backs fill in admirably before — when the Chiefs released star RB Kareem Hunt this season, Damien Williams was just as, if not more, productive1Williams averaged 114 yards from scrimmage and 1.6 TDs in regular-season games he started, while Hunt averaged 109 yards from scrimmage and 1.4 TDs. — but it’s hard to remember it happening to a back as seemingly indispensable as Gurley, let alone on a stage as big as the Rams are on now. The 2012 San Francisco 49ers — who were 5 yards from winning a Super Bowl under Jim Harbaugh and QB Colin Kaepernick — take the honor of fielding the best run-blocking offensive line since 2009. Thinking back on the number of big plays Frank Gore broke off against stacked boxes, the ranking certainly passes the smell test. The 2010 Jaguars offensive line, ranking just ahead of the Rams, was also formidable: It opened massive holes for Maurice Jones-Drew and Rashad Jennings, who combined for nine touchdowns and 1,783 yards on the ground despite QB David Garrard doing nothing to scare opposing defenses away from crowding the line and trying to stop the run.The Rams still fielded the fifth best offensive line in our time frame and easily the best this year. But much of the credit for the success of the running game should probably go not to Gurley, Anderson or the Rams offensive line, but to Sean McVay. The second-year coach has put his players in the very best position to succeed through his scheme and play-calling. Running the ball out of the 11 personnel helps dictate to the defense and lightens the box for his linemen, allowing them to open holes even thrice-cut journeyman running backs can run through.While league observers can fall into the trap of over-weighting the effect of coaching, in some cases the credit and praise is warranted. The distribution of talent across teams is so even, it’s really not so much a matter of who you run the ball with — or behind — it’s a matter of when you run it. McVay chooses his spots as well as anyone in the NFL, and the Rams are in Super Bowl LIII because of it.Check out our latest NFL predictions. 3New Orleans20113.312.730.594.95 *Box-adjusted line yards adjusts for number of defenders faced near the line of scrimmage.Source: ESPN Stats & Information Group 4Jacksonville20103.202.620.594.63 12Carolina20113.112.710.424.32 6Miami20093.012.550.474.44 Returning to Los Angeles, the Rams used the 11 personnel more than any other team in the NFL in 2018. So it’s possible that instead of the Rams being generationally superior at run blocking — or instead of Gurley being a one-of-a-kind game-altering running back — the Rams’ offensive line just faced fewer crowded fronts than other teams. This would at least provide some context for their overwhelming success — and help explain how Anderson could Wally Pipp an MVP candidate in the playoffs.To find out, I created a reasonable facsimile of Football Outsiders’ adjusted line yards and then calculated the number of yards each team earned either over or under expected based on the number of men in the box and the field position from which the play originated.6I removed QB scrambles but left WR run plays in. I also did not adjust for shotgun. Finally, I did not scale the adjusted line yards metric so that it looks like running back yards per carry. My version of adjusted line yards will not agree exactly with Football Outsiders, but there still is a high degree of correlation. Each metric predicts the other at an r-squared of 0.68.Both Football Outsiders’ line yards and my version agree that the Rams had the best rushing offensive line unadjusted for box count. When we look at line yards over expected after accounting for box defenders, however, the Rams aren’t the best run-blocking offensive line ever. In fact, they’re not even in the top four since 2009. 7New Orleans20183.122.690.455.19 5Los Angeles20183.312.830.515.49 15Seattle20123.142.780.374.42 17Dallas20092.982.600.374.48 Teamseason538 adj. line yds538 box adj. line ydsbox adj. line yds over expectedfootball outsiders adj. line yds 13New England20183.042.650.415.03 18New England20093.062.720.364.43 2New England20103.322.730.604.82 The Rams have the fifth-best offensive line since 2009NFL offensive lines by two metrics for regular-season adjusted line yards, yards accounting for the number of defenders in the box and yards over expected based on defenders in the box, 2009-2018 14Houston20103.012.610.414.52 19Tennessee20163.052.700.364.63 One explanation is that the Los Angeles Rams offensive line is just very, very good, and Gurley has been reaping the rewards. But I think there’s another factor at work — one that has more to do with the head coach than with the players on the field.Some football observers have gone so far as to suggest that the Rams 2018 run-blocking unit might be the best in the history of the NFL. While offensive lines are perhaps the trickiest position to evaluate with data, there’s actual evidence for this scorching-hot take using a metric created by Football Outsiders called adjusted line yards. Adjusted line yards are calculated by looking at each running play and using a formula to attempt to assign the proper credit to the offensive line. The metric punishes blockers for losses on run plays, credits the hog mollies with half of the yardage on runs from 5 to 10 yards, and gives the line zero credit for any field position gained 11 yards beyond the line of scrimmage.2Football Outsiders also adjusts for plays from shotgun, down, distance and situation, and it removes any scrambles and handoffs to players who aren’t running backs. By this measure, the Rams are the best-performing line in at least the past 22 years, the period for which data is available.31996 to 2018.But one problem with adjusted line yards is that the metric doesn’t account for the number of defenders the offensive line has to face during any given play, which has huge implications for how effective a rush will be. Running the ball when there are seven or eight defenders near the line of scrimmage is much harder than running against six or fewer. If a team runs more of its plays against light fronts, we should expect it to have more success in general. We’d also expect the offensive line in particular to have an easier time opening holes against defensive fronts that have fewer, rather than more, defensive players near the line of scrimmage that they have to block.Looking at 10 years’ worth of data from ESPN’s Sports & Information Group,4For a total of 126,154 running plays. We excluded scrambles and any plays for which no defender data was given. that’s exactly what we find. If we split the field up into 10-yard chunks, there isn’t an area of the gridiron that exists where running against seven or more men in the box is easier than running against six or fewer. 9New York20103.172.730.434.56 read more

Vayuputras end their story in Delhi

first_imgAmish Tripathi, the author of the Shiva trilogy books, was the cynosure at a launch event on 14 March, amidst a vivacious crowd. The banker turned author released the third book of the series, The Oath of the Vayuputras, along with Ajay Mago and Sanjay mago, the proprietors of Om Book Shop.Amish seemed exuberant to answer the questions from a wide range of audience from school goers, college students, professionals and house wives, after releasing the book. The evening ended with all the fans getting their copies of the book personally signed by Amish and standing together for pictures with their favorite author. Also Read – ‘Playing Jojo was emotionally exhausting’The questions from the audience were varicolored ranging from the audio visual version of The Immortals of Meluha, the first of the trilogy, which had been purchased by the Dharma Productions to the journey of the author.Amish, a fervent devotee of Lord Shiva stressed on the liberal view of religions and expressed his love for Pantheology. One of the audience also presented him a portrait of Ardhanarishvara, a composite androgynous form of Lord Shiva and his consort Parvati.The Shiva Trilogy, comprising of The Immortals of Meluha, The Secret of the Nagas and The Oath of the Vayuputras has been one of the most successful book series in the history of Indian publishing. It has sold almost a million copies in two-and-a-half years.last_img read more

Mulya The values and vindication

first_imgTwo brothers, old furniture and the insoluble debate on values of life seem to be pertinent even in contemporary times. Thespian Asit Mukhopadhyay’s brilliant adaptation of ‘The Price’ by Arthur Millar years ago, which was staged as Nilam Nilam still holds water to stir up the discussion with same veracity. Last show of Mulya was nothing short of it.It was a nerve wrecking one and a half hour of showtime with the star performers, belonging to different generations, took the stage. Victor Franz as Bijoy Narayan comes to Calcutta to dispose of the old furniture of his house which once belonged to his father, an established businessman, who incurred huge loss in his business in his later life and went into depression. Bijoy is a policeman with Calcutta police who is nearing his retirement. He chose to sacrifice his studies in college to support his ailing father and conveniently blames his brother, Walter Franz aka Sujoy Narayan for his destiny. He cannot forget his past and is annoyed by the way Sujoy had mistreated him and his father to selfishly fulfill his ambition to become a renowned doctor. Thereafter, Sujoy and Bijoy were not in touch with each other for many years. To get rid of the antique furniture of his father’s house, Bijoy contacts an octogenarian secondhand furniture broker, Shailyo Mohan Sur. When the deal is almost made Sujoy suddenly enters the house and the situation takes a dramatic turn. Both the brothers confront each other after years when the past residing in anger, hatred, guilt, jealousy, blame game and mean-mindedness between them come to the fore. Each of them builds up a wall of justification for their past plan of action. Their arguments do not convince the other despite severe efforts by Bijoy’s wife, Anita who expresses her helplessness, frustrations and suffering of the past to mediate between them. While Sujoy tries to make up for his guilt by offering a job to Bijoy in his own venture. Bijoy rejects the offer owing to the fact that he envies Sujoy and does not trust him at all. He is sure that Sujoy has some other motive behind his offer. Also Read – Add new books to your shelfBratya Basu as Sujoy shows an unprecedented genre of acting by getting into the skin of the character. He brings out different shades of the character with different level of emotions of a human mind on stage. He articulates with poise, expresses his inherent anger and hatred towards his elder brother, moves around with elegance, shivers to suppress his emotional outbursts symbolic of his past illness, justifies his every move of exercising his right to pursue what he wants to become in future while he unfolds the untold in the process of their conversation. We see in his expression the unnerving resilience to achieve the goal of his life as he finally rues over his own actions and offers to make up for it. Bratya dominates the stage with his stupendous acting prowess and leaves the audience awestruck with the undertone in his acting. The first half of the show is taken over completely by veteran theatre artiste Rajat Ganguly, in the role of Shailyo Mohan Sur. The audience is fascinated to discover another awe-inspiring performance of this stage professional. His subtlety in movement, delivery and diction and timing on stage is exemplary. Senjhuti Mukhopadhyay, as Bijoy’s wife, Anita displays a matured performance with her limp and sudden perturbed emotional eruption. She develops her character well in the role of an arbitrator between the brothers. Experienced Debshankar Haldar adds to the appeal of the show when we get to see some old glimpses of his acting style in the play. Also Read – Over 2 hours screen time daily will make your kids impulsiveDishari Chakraborty as a sound designer adds to the eminence of the show while Sudip Sanyal has aesthetically designed the light projection. Bilu Dutta has an interesting set design. Debasish Roy, the director is at his artistic best after his prolific direction in Hridipash and Ila Gurhoisha. His job has obviously been made easier with the presence of iconic stars in theatre. However, he admittedly expressed the challenges he has faced in making these talents work together. Producer, Bijoy Mukherjee, the director of Ballygunge Bratyajon, emphasized on familial moral values and its consequences on decision making in a particular context and time in life. Through this production, he wished to reignite the issue of balancing acts as one moves ahead in life. His passion for theatre is evident when he informed us about buying the set of antique furniture at a high price for the play. Mulya is a pricey tribute to Asit Mukhopadhyay with the concoction of superstars of theatre.last_img read more