Extron Announces Eight-Input Seamless Dynamic Presentation Switcher/Scaler

first_imgExtron has announced the availability of the ISS 608, an eight-input seamless switcher for the dynamic presentation and scaling of DisplayPort and HDMI content at resolutions up to 4K/60 @ 4:4:4 at a maximum data rate of 18 Gbps. Advanced, presentation-enhancing features include Extron Vector 4K scaling technology and multiple transition effects, as well as logo insertion, video keying, and PIP to complement primary content. An independent preview output allows for confident delivery of content. For streamlined integration, the switcher provides audio management and multiple control options, including an intuitive front panel, RS232 and Ethernet. Matrix Mode adds automatic, seamless transitions to any matrix switcher with HDMI outputs. The features and capabilities of the ISS 608 provide a true seamless switching solution for high-end presentation environments and live events.The ISS 608 provides six HDMI 2.0 and two DisplayPort 1.2 inputs that support signals up to 4096×2160 at 60 Hz with 4:4:4 color sampling. HDCP 2.3 compliance and Extron technologies such as Key Minder ensure compatibility with high value, encrypted 4K content. The switcher’s multiple transition effects include wipes with selectable direction and duration, a dissolve with selectable duration, and a seamless cut, eliminating distracting jumps, glitches and delays for clean, production-style source switching. Separate Preview and Program outputs enable the operator to review sources on a local monitor before switching them to the viewing audience.Details on the ISS 608 are here.last_img read more

Honoring “Cannonball” Adderley

first_imgThe Old Dillard Museum will celebrate the birthday of Fort Lauderdale’s greatest band director, the late great saxophonist Julian “Cannonball” Adderley, at a special concert featuring his famed nephew Nat Adderley, Jr. – a nationally renowned jazz pianist and former music director for Luther Vandross.The concert is scheduled for 3 p.m. on September 20, at the Dillard Center for the Performing Arts in Fort Lauderdale.This event marks the final concert in the 2015 Old Dillard Museum Cannonball Jazz Series, which began in 2009 to honor Julian “Cannonball” Adderley’s connection to the Broward County Public School System and Dillard High School. Adderley taught music and directed the school band at the historic Dillard High School site at 1009 NW 4th Street in Fort Lauderdale between 1948 and 1950, and later taught at the current Dillard High School between 1953 and 1956.In honor of his legacy, the success of the famed music program also continues through the Dillard Center for the Arts (DCA) Jazz Band. Since 2004, Christopher Dorsey has been building the Jazz Program. The band’s skill, style and swing has earned them first place at Essentially Ellington in 2011 and 2012 and First Place at Swing Central in 2010, 2011 and 2012. DCA Jazz Ensemble is consistently represented in prestigious jazz ensembles at the district, state and national level. Student musicians have also been selected into the All County Honor Jazz Bands, The Florida All State Honor Bands, The Grammy Band, and the Monterrey Jazz Festival’s Next Generation Band.The event also marks a special and personal tribute to his uncle for Nat Adderley Jr., who recorded his first song, “I’m on My Way,” with Uncle Cannonball on the 1967 album “Why Am I Treated So Bad!” by the Cannonball Adderley Quintet when the young Nat Adderley was only 11 years old. Following an esteemed career, Adderley Jr. has returned to his jazz roots, performing his own works, as well as tributes to both his father Nat Adderley Sr. and his uncle.last_img read more

Perez says Man United’s “lack of experience” killed De Gea deal

first_img CEST 04/09/2015 Florentino Perez gave his version of events over the non-signing of David de Gea on El Larguero on Cadena Ser on Thursday night. “We could not negotiate before Monday because the message from Manchester United was that he was not for sale. We do not speak with anyone who does not want to speak with us.” In stronger terms, Perez slammed the English side: “I think that United lack the experience in these matters It happened before with [Fabio] Coentrao and again with Athletic Club and Ander Herrera.” Asked about the roots of Madrid’s interest in De Gea, Perez was clear: “One year ago we understood that the most adequate replacement for [Iker] Casillas was De Gea. I know that De Gea is really affected by this because he wanted to come. Those that know me know that I don’t play with people. There is no other version of what happened.” In the mix of all this, Keylor Navas, who was due to leave for United as part of the deal, is left feeling used. Perez didn’t miss the chance to support the Costa Rican stopper: “I didn’t know anything about United[’s interest] because nobody did. [Keylor] has all our love.” He also said that talks began on August 31. “The last day of the market, Jorge Mendes told us they were open to a conversation. An agreement was reached in half an hour. We drew up the contracts and sent them at 13.30… eight hours later they returned them. I don’t think [United] had bad intentions, there was a lot to be done… I don’t know. But that left us with very little time. “In the afternoon I had a feeling things would not go through because of United’s lack of experience in these matters. We don’t understand how it took eight hours to return the papers and how they wanted to talk in the final 12 hours [of the window].” Upd. at 01:52 Sport ENlast_img read more

Seniors to ‘get into it’

first_imgA number of celebrations will be held throughout the Cardinia shire throughout October for the Victorian Seniors Festival. With this…[To read the rest of this story Subscribe or Login to the Gazette Access Pass] Thanks for reading the Pakenham Berwick Gazette. Subscribe or Login to read the rest of this content with the Gazette Digital Access Pass subscription. By Mitchell Clarke last_img

Tributes paid to Oughterard GAA great Kieran O’Sullivan

first_imgEddie O’Sullivan and his dad Kieran after Oughterard’s county final success over Micheal Breathnach in 2019Kieran was long remembered for his brilliant performance in Croke Park for the Galway minors in 1976. Here is the Connacht Tribune report of that year’s All Ireland Minor Final:GALWAY MINOR FOOTBALLERS brought to a gloriousend a chequered championship year for the county by initially containing andfinally cracking a gritty Cork challenge to take the Markham Cup for the fourthtime and cover themselves in All Ireland glory. With a splendid teamperformance of totally committed football Galway broke the hearts of their gallant opponents by theirsplendid defensivework at crucial periods and by a deadly ability to make the most of theirchances up front. And while victory initself was splendidly satisfying, football followers from all over must havemarvelled at the manner of its achievement. The spirit of the side was clearlyseen in a hectic third quarter as magnificent defensive work, desperate attimes, kept the rampaging Cork forwards at bay and denied them even a singlescore. Happily Galway’s magnificent performance at theback was characterised by an insistence on playing the ball at all times anddisdaining the unfortunately accepted tactics of fouling their opposites. Itmust also be recorded that Cork too played their part in making this anenjoyable and sporting contest. A large slice of luck is so often an essentialingredient for ultimate triumph and there is no denying that during that hecticthird quarter Galway had, perhaps, a little more than their fair share of it.For ten agonising minutes Cork did everything but put the ball in the back ofthe net. That they were not allowed to do so is to the eternal credit of thewhole Galway defence, none more so than the full back trio and goalkeeper,Padraic Coyne. In one astonishing series of events during a fifteen secondperiod Cork attacked, gained the ball only yards out from goal but acombination of diving saves and the woodwork on two occasions kept them at bay.The determination and courage of the Galway team was exemplified during thisperiod by goalkeeper Coyne who twice cleared under heavy pressure and thenmanaged to get his face in the way of a full blooded drive from almost pointblank range. And while Cork were frustrated in attack theywere also made to suffer in defence where the Galway attack tormented them onceKieran O’Sullivan had given them the necessary injection with a point aftersixteen minutes. Thriving on the possession from midfielders Leo Higgins andteam captain Gerry Burke the Galway forwards handed Cork a harsh lesson in theart of taking chances. It must have frustrated the very life out of the Munsterchampions to have had so many scoring opportunities in the opening ten minutesof the second half only to finish up with absolutely nothing to their creditduring this period. By way of contrast Galway got one scoring opportunityimmediately after this bout of severe pressure and with the minimum of fussKieran O’Sullivan knocked the ball over the bar. To their credit Cork keptplugging away but it was plain to see that the heart had gone out of theirgame. Even the great efforts of their outstanding player, Michael Mullins allwent for nought as Galway cruised comfortably through the final quarter of thegame for a memorable triumph. The groundwork for victory was laid as far backas last February when team coach Johnny Geraghty began his preparations. Geraghtyshaped his side through a victorious Connacht Minor League campaign and builtup a marvellous relationship with his squad. His efforts bore their richestfruit on Sunday and his delight at the end of Sunday’s game was understandablyuninhibited. He freely admitted that coaching the team to victory meant as muchto him as winning his first senior All Ireland medal in 1964. He said:“The lads were magnificent and after a slow start they settled down reallywell. Cork hit us hard in the first fifteen minutes but once we got going I wasnot too worried. “Kieran O’Sullivan’s goal came at a very opportune timefor us and after half time I knew we wouldn’t be beaten.” While notwishing to single out any one player from the others he felt that the full backline had made a magnificent contribution to victory, particularly by their brilliantdefensive work in the third quarter of the game. “The full back line weremagnificent and withstood the best that Cork could throw at them. Essentiallyit was a team victory in which everyone played an important part. “From apersonal point of view victory now feels as good as it did when I won my firstAll Ireland medal. I was a little more nervous this time as I was detached fromthe action, but the feeling at the end was just as good,” headded. Certainly he has every reason to be proud of theway his squad performed, particularly under pressure and for such a young team– three of them are only sixteen years of age – they showed great maturityat crucial periods. Even though that memorable third quarter was perhaps themost crucial period of the game for Galway, many Galway hearts skippeda beat or two during the first fifteen minutes as the Connacht championsstruggled to find their feet. The danger signs went up as soon as the fourthminute when Timmy O’Leary burst through the Galway defence but blazed the ballover the bar with only the goalkeeper to beat. Cork surged forward full ofconfidence and while they led 0-3 to no score after fifteen minutes their tallycould easily have been twice as great but for the wild shooting of the Corkforwards. Once O’Sullivan pointed for Galway a minute later the westernerssettled down and were on level terms after twenty five minutes. At this stagethe game was delicately balanced and Galway, perhaps, realising the importanceof a strong finish to the first half, took over control at centre field andmoved menacingly forward. O’Sullivan, Galway’s most impressive attacker, swungthe game decisively in Galway’s favour in the thirtieth minute. He latchedon to a perfect pass from Frank Rooney to crash the ball to the net despitea great effort by Sean Martin in the Cork goal. Such a vital score at the most importantpsychological moment of the game really rocked Cork and they fell a further twopoints behind in as many minutes at the start of the second period. They pulledthemselves together to play their best football during the following tenminutes but could find no way through the Galway defence. Then, to add insultto injury the Connacht title holders raised the siege, and picked off a couple ofpoints in effortless fashion and that, effectively, was that. The Galwaydefence, which up to Sunday’s game had been regarded by many as the weak sectorof the team, really proved their worth throughout the sixty minutes with whatwas undoubtedly their best performance of the championship. The full back lineof Mattie Coleman, Ollie Burke and Kieran Faherty never playedbetter. They allowed the opposing trio — held in high regard by Cork officials– little scope to get within scoring range and effectively stymied the bestthey could throw at them during a nerve racking third quarter. Behind themPadraic Coyne more than atoned for a shaky semi final display with a rock solidperformance between the posts. On the couple of occasions that dangerthreatened his goal he proved equal to the task and his lengthy and accuratekick outs were a great boost. Galway’s half back trio of Joe Kelly, RobertBermingham and Gerry Forde made an invaluable contribution to overallsuccess by their willingness to attack. They also succeeded in clearing upa great deal of loose ball around the centre of the field and added handsomely to the work of midfieldersLeo Higgins and Gerry Burke. Burke and Higgins dominated midfield after a slowstart and got through an enormous amount of work in their efforts to supplytheir front runners with quality possession. Burke, in particular, made thingsmost uncomfortable for a succession of Cork combinations in the centre.O’Sullivan was the most impressive attacker on the field. A member of a greatOughterard footballing family, his foraging for the ball took him to areasfar removed from his rigid corner position during the sixty minutes and hisroving completely upset the Cork defence. Barry Brennan never succeeded insettling down at right half forward and his departure after eighteen minuteswas hardly unexpected. Kevin Donnellan performed competently when he arrived onthe scene and kicked one splendid point during the second half. Stephen Ruane,as ever, had an incredible appetite for work and at times was to befound deep in defence, helping out. On the left wing Padraic Conroy gave Corkstar Donal Buckley a testing time and his clever running opened up huge avenuesfor his colleagues. Gay McManus at full forward had a quiet hour but made avaluable contribution by drawing Cork full back Jim Murphy out of position timeand again, in the left corner Frank Rooney was a hive of activity and linkedwell in many scoring movements particularly that which led to O’Sullivan’sgoal. Cork’s hardest triers were defenders, Donal Buckley, Michael Maloney andJim Murphy; midfielders Michael Mullins and forwards John O’Sullivan and GerMulcahy. SCORERSGalway: K. O’Sullivan 1-2, S Ruane 0-2, P. Conroy 0-2, K Donnellan 0-2, G.McManus and L Higgins 0-1 each. Cork: M. Mullins 0-2, P. McCarthy, K. O’Leary,J. O’Sullivan and M. Shinnock 0-1 each. Galway: P.Coyne, M.Coleman, O. Burke, C. O’Fathartaigh, J. Kelly, R. Bermingham, G. Forde, G. Burke, capt., L. Higgins, B. Brennan, S. Ruane, P. O’Conraoi, K. O’Sullivan, G. McManus, F. Rooney. Subs: K. Donnellan for Brennan. Cork: S. Martin, T. Healy, J. Murphy, M. Moloney, D. Buckley, J. Cremin, J. Nolan, P. McCarthy, B. McSweeney, T. Dalton, M. Mullins, P. Smith, K. O’Leary, G. Mulcahy, J. O’Sullivan. Subs: M. Shinnock for O’Leary; J. Wilmot for Dalton. Referee: M. Meally, Kilkenny.Connacht Tribune, Friday, October 1st, 1976 Tributes are being paid to Kieran O’Sullivan from Oughterard, a member of the Galway 1976 All-Ireland Minor Football Championship winning team and father of Oughterard’s 2020 All Ireland Intermediate club title winning captain Eddie who has died after a long and brave battle with illness. Kieran scored 1-2 from right corner forward on the Galway team that beat Cork 1-10 to 0-6 in the 1976 All Ireland minor final.The Oughterard club paid this tribute on their Facebook page: Last night, after a long and brave battle, Kieran O’Sullivan was lost to his Family & to Oughterard, nothing we can say, do or write can dull the pain of losing a loved one, may he Rest in Peace.We extend our deepest & heartfelt sympathies to Anne, Eddie, Ciara & the entire O’Sullivan Family at this time, his passing will be felt throughout the Parish and wider areas, especially by those who knew him well, not least by those within Oughterard GAA.Kieran will always be remembered as a valued member of our Club & will be revered for his passion and love of Gaelic Football, not to mention his on pitch contributions. Some of us are old enough to have played alongside him during his playing career, a career that saw him proudly represent Oughterard and Galway with some notable successes along the way.Kieran had a style of play & a turn of foot that struck fear into every opponent he faced, believe me when I say, nobody wanted to mark him in training let alone in a match.He will be remembered as a straight talking, no nonsense guy, someone who was never afraid to voice his opinion and equally listen to & respect the opinions of others but he could never be accused of suffering fools gladly, the Monday night post Lotto discussions with this Chairperson will never be the same, trust me, at times it was not for the faint hearted but we always parted on good terms.Mind you, in the last 12 months it was a bed of roses, what with winning County, Connacht and All Ireland Titles, it’s fair to say that the mission was accomplished and with some style. I’ve no doubt that Kieran took immense satisfaction in seeing our small Club rise to that level but it’s in returning to play Senior Club Football in Galway his dreams were realised, the rest was a bonus.As a goal poacher par excellence, Kieran would have gotten huge joy in seeing our team ply their trade and come up with some brilliant goals, rest easy old friend, your work is done, the baton is in safe hands.Ar dheis Dé go raibh a anam center_img print WhatsApp Facebook Twitter Emaillast_img read more

Maine ~ Personal Income Tax: Legislation Amends Military Retirement Pay Deductions, Calculation of Educational Opportunity Credit, and Other Provisions

first_imgCCH Tax Day ReportMaine Gov. Paul LePage has signed legislation that makes several technical changes to the state’s personal income tax laws. Among other things, the legislation:– clarifies that the military retirement plan deductions apply to benefits received from service in the United States military;– repeals the deduction for certain dentists’ military pensions (applies retroactively to tax years beginning in 2016 and thereafter);– adjusts the method of calculating the educational opportunity credit by including credit hours earned for a graduate degrees in the proration factor (applies retroactively to tax years beginning in 2016 and thereafter);– repeals the penalty for falsifying itemized deductions and wages with respect to withholding allowances (applies retroactively to tax years beginning in 2016 and thereafter);– moves the statutory provisions governing the phase-out of Maine standard and itemized deductions (applies retroactively to tax years beginning in 2016 and thereafter); and– removes outdated statutory provisions.Provisions affecting sales and use taxes (TAXDAY, 2017/06/14, S.6) and property taxes (TAXDAY, 2017/06/14, S.4) are covered separately.L.D. 1570 (H.P. 1081), Laws 2017, 90 days after adjournment of the legislative session, applicable as notedlast_img read more

Howard County bridge opens after flood waters recede

first_imgA major bridge just north of Boonville has been opened as flood waters continue to recede.MoDOT announced Tuesday that crews have opened the Route 40 Missouri River bridge. It’s been closed since June 3.Route 87 north of Boonville has also been reopened.Route 179, which winds through the flood plain along the Missouri River to Jefferson City, is also back open.Route 5 and Route 40 north of the bridge remain closed until it’s no longer covered. MoDOT wants to give crews a chance to clean up debris and assess any damage to the roads as well.For the latest on road closures and openings, you can look at the Traveler Information Map. Link here.last_img read more

Spot-fixing: Pak President Zardari tells PCB to help tainted trio

first_imgDisappointed with the PCB’s handling of the spot-fixing trial at the end of which led to three of country’s cricketers being jailed in the UK, Pakistan President Asif Ali Zardari has instructed it to provide all necessary legal help to the tainted trio. Interior minister Rehman Malik said Zardari, also the patron-in-chief of the PCB, is miffed with the way the matter was dealt with by the Board. The spot-fixing trial ended on Thursday with former Test captain Salman Butt and pacers Mohammad Asif and Mohammad Amir being jailed after 20 days of non-stop hearings. Malik said that he had briefed the President on the trial and sentences handed to the three players. “The President has directed that he be given a comprehensive report from the Pakistan Cricket Board on the issue and on the sentences given to our players,” Malik said. The President has also directed the PCB and Malik to look for ways to bail out the three players. While the court handed out a 30-month sentence to Butt who was captain when the spot-fixing allegations surfaced, Asif was given a one year jail term and Amir, 19, was told to spend six months in a youth detention and correction centre. Malik told reporters that he had asked Pakistan’s High Commissioner to UK Wajid Shamsul Hassan to provide necessary legal aid to the trio where possible. Malik had said that if it were a conspiracy against the players, it should be revealed to the world and a commission should investigate the issue from scratch. “We cannot rule out the possibility of any of the convicted players being innocent,” he said. Malik said that the players will not be left alone and that legal aid would be provided to them. But former Test captain Rashid Latif expressed surprise over Malik’s statement. “What is the use of seeking report now. What was the government doing when the trial first began in June. Why react now when the damage has been done to Pakistan cricket,” he said. Noted lawyer Umar Khayyam, who represented Test batsman Yasir Hameed in his complaint against the now defunct “News of the World” newspaper said the government has lost its opportunity to do something for the players. “There is a provision where before the trial goes to court a diplomatic clause can be evoked on the request of a government which is a member of the Commonwealth and considered a friendly country by the country where the trial is being held,” Khayyam said. He noted that since the start of the spot-fixing scandal the PCB and government had lagged behind and not been proactive in playing their role in the entire episode. “Under the diplomatic clause the PCB could have asked the government to use the diplomatic clauses to get the players back to Pakistan safe and sound and than put them on trial in Pakistan,” he noted.advertisementlast_img read more

10 months agoChelsea boss Sarri hails outstanding Hazard: He’ll be even better soon

first_imgAbout the authorPaul VegasShare the loveHave your say Chelsea boss Sarri hails outstanding Hazard: He’ll be even better soonby Paul Vegas10 months agoSend to a friendShare the loveChelsea boss Maurizio Sarri hailed the performance of Eden Hazard for their 2-1 win at Hazard scored one goal and assisted another as Chelsea, who started without a striker, held on to beat the Seagulls.The 27-year-old set up the Blues’ opener with a wonderful pass across the face of goal for the arriving Pedro to tap in on 17 minutes.Willian then pounced on a loose pass from Leon Balogun and played in Hazard, who ran from just over the halfway line, outpacing the Brighton defence before slotting past Mat Ryan.”I think that Hazard could have played better because his level is a very high level,” said Sarri. “He can do more for him and for us.”But I think after the two injuries, he lost the physical condition. Now he’s improving. In one or two matches he’ll be back at the top.”He added: “We could have won by more goals. We conceded a goal in a moment when we were in full control. The last five minutes against a very physical team were difficult to manage.” last_img read more

RMT Orkney Ferries Faces Industrial Action

first_imgzoom The members of UK’s National Union of Rail, Maritime and Transport Workers working for Scottish ferry company Orkney Ferries will be taking industrial action in a fight for pay justice.The union’s National Executive Committee has instructed all RMT members at Orkney Ferries to take part in the industrial action which will take place on January 3, 2018.According to the union, the members were instructed not to work any call-back, not to work any overtime, and work to the job description only.RMT members voted by around 80% for strike action with an even higher number backing action short of a strike.“The staff on these routes will not sit back while their standard of living is undermined by the company and their anger and frustration was fully reflected in the ballot result,” Mick Cash, RMT General Secretary, said.“Our members have spoken and Orkney Ferries now need to show that they are listening. RMT’s executive has confirmed a programme of industrial action and we expect the company to start taking this dispute seriously. The ball is firmly in the companies court and RMT remains available for serious talks,” Steve Todd, RMT National Secretary, said.last_img read more