The Disco Biscuits Accept Umphrey’s McGee’s ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

first_imgJust last week, Umphrey’s McGee undertook the infamous ALS Ice Bucket Challenge that has spread across social media. If you haven’t heard of it, the premise is simple: if you’re called out, you have to either donate $25 to ALS research and pour a bucket of ice on your head, or donate $100 to ALS research. Then you get to call out three friends to undertake the same challenge.When Relix’s Rob Slater called out Umphrey’s McGee, they accepted the challenge and passed it on to Phish, The Disco Biscuits, Adam Deitch, Kanye West and Vince Iwinski. (Each UM band member called out a different artist). Here, we see the Disco Biscuits stepping up to the challenge:Next up: Big Gigantic, Ben Baruch of 11E1even Group & Dan Berkowitz of CID Entertainment. God speed.-David Melamed (@DMelamz)last_img read more

Vermont Begins Continuing Education Requirement

first_imgSOUTH BURLINGTON, Vt. – Vermont is taking steps to make it easier to become an emergency medical technician, as volunteer crews struggle to keep staff.The state is doing away with testing every two years for EMTs, like most other states already have, and will allow military medics and nurses and physician’s assistants volunteer on rescue squads without taking a test.EMTs will instead be required to take continuing education like other medical professionals do.The state also will start a paramedic training program through Vermont Technical College with a $500,000 grant from the Federal Emergency Management Agency.last_img read more

Professor lectures on Catholic education

first_imgUniversity of Pennsylvania professor of political science John DiIulio gave a lecture Friday afternoon titled “The ‘Silent Epidemic’ Revisited: Can Catholic Educators Reignite the Fight to Improve Urban Schools?” in which he argued Catholic schools can help solve the pressing education issues in the United States, but only if Catholic leaders wholly dedicate themselves to the cause.The lecture was the first in the Father Tim Scully, CSC Lectures on Education in the Service of Citizenship, named in honor of the founder of the Alliance for Catholic Education (ACE). DiIulio said more people must approach educational shortcomings with the same intensity as Scully.“If we had more Catholic leaders and educators at all levels like our own [Fr. Tim Scully] … if we had more Catholic leaders who practiced, as Fr. Tim does everyday, what Pope Francis has preached about combatting the sinful inequalities in education and other domains,” DiIulio said. “Then I submit to you we would not still be coping with the species of problems [we have in American education].”In addition to the high dropout rates for minority students and the well-documented achievement gap, DiIulio said the “achievement trap,” which arises out of income disparity, often dooms low-income students.“The only variable that you can point to in the lineup of suspects to why this is happening is the fact that they are low-income children,” he said. “In other words, they’re at the top of their class in grades one, two, three and even into [fourth], but only 56 percent of these high-achieving, low-income students maintain their status as high-achievers through fifth grade.”DiIulio, who also served as the first director of the White House Office of Faith-Based and Community Initiatives under President George W. Bush, said the statistics surrounding the achievement trap are shameful.“The rate at which these high-achieving, low-income children are in that ‘silent epidemic’ population is astounding,” he said. “It’s convicting. We ought to feel convicted by it.”The problem is well documented enough, DiIulio said, that educators know how to combat it.“We know, for example, that in addition to the three R’s, we need the 4 R’s: reading, writing, arithmetic but also relationships and relationship building,” he said. “We know that school-based mentoring, whether it’s done by Big Brothers, Big Sisters of America or by any credible, decent, up-close-and-personal mentoring organization … we know, in theory, that it makes a demonstrative positive difference in closing the achievement gap, in disarming the achievement trap, in turning 10th graders who might drop out who don’t.”DiIulio said the present day is a “Gettysburg moment,” and in order to win the figurative war, Catholic educators must shake old mindsets.“The Catholic leadership approach to the silent epidemic, to the achievement trap, to the achievement gap which has hovered over us for 50-plus years, can be reignited,” he said. “They can be a major force for addressing the problems of urban education at large. They can do that … [with] less talking, more doing, less Catholic chauvinism and romanticism about parish days gone by.“The great sadness is that way too many Catholic leaders and educators, at least in the University business, … are either not interested, not in the fight or are in it in a narrowly, institutionally, self-interested way. The problem is that too many of them approach the effort to support and strengthen Catholic schools as if it were a Catholic world end in itself.”In order to effectively use Catholic education as a universal educational career, Catholics must work with those who most need help, DiIulio said.“Catholic schools which have been lost cannot be saved, supported and strengthened without saving all those who need those schools,” he said. “I’m not just talking morally and spiritually, I’m talking practically [and] I’m talking politically. Catholic schools cannot be saved unless the effort to save them involves an effort to save all the children who could benefit the most, most particularly in urban America, from those schools.”Tags: Alliance for Catholic Education, Catholic Education, Silent Epidemiclast_img read more

New Time VRS Fluidity Endurance Road Bike, Their First “Comfort” Bike

first_imgTime’s new VRS Fluidity road bike is their first comfort frame, and it’s nothing if not unique.From a purely aesthetic point of view, it clashes with the notion of an endurance / comfort bike. The tubes are angular, suggesting a solid build, and there’s an integrated seatmast…something we’ve only ever seen on pure race bikes. Until now.The VRS Fluidity is constructed with Vectran fibers in the main frame, seatstays and fork to reduce vibration. The geometry is new with 15 – 25mm higher headtubes and thinner, curved seatstays. The integrated seatmast is called the Translink seat tube, and it offers a bit of vertical flex to take the edge off bumps. It also gets a new full carbon headtube with no alloy headset races that use pressed in bearings, Time’s first frame with this feature but something that’s likely to move across the line in the future. Weight savings is ~10g.A separate Di2 frame will also be available. Frameset (with fork and HS) will retail for €3345 or €3,845 for Di2. All have BB30 bottom brackets.last_img read more

Smith Cooper supports Jenson Button Trust Triathlon Team Challenge

first_imgMidland- based business advice and accounting firm Smith Cooper will again sponsor the Team Challenge as part of the Jenson Button Trust Triathlon in Derby, UK, on Sunday July 17.The Team Challenge consists of a 200m swim in Markeaton Lake, followed by a 10K cycle on a closed-road circular route into Derby city centre and back to the park for a 2.5K run. Teams of three will have the chance to race twice during the day with each member tackling one of the three Triathlon stages.Each team will receive prizes including a medal and goody bag. An exclusive Team Challenge tent will also be erected in the event village in Markeaton Park where team members can relax, enjoy a post-race massage and soak in the atmosphere with food, drink, live music and prizes to be presented by Jenson Button himself.David Nelson, Partner at Smith Cooper explained, “Last year’s Jenson Button Trust Triathlon was a fantastic celebration of sport – attracting novice and elite athletes alike.“As a firm, we are proud to once again partner with the organisers and sponsor the Team Challenge at the Jenson Button Trust Triathlon, a day which is quickly becoming one of the most highly anticipated sporting events this summer.“The great thing about the Team Challenge is that it is the ideal way for friends and colleagues to combine their individual strengths and work together to achieve the coveted Team Challenge Winner title.“I thoroughly enjoyed the whole experience last year and hope that more firms and groups of friends will take up the gauntlet and compete in the Team Challenge this July.”Last year’s Team Challenge was won by Derby-based construction company MBS which also provided all the infrastructure for the event.Managing Director Adam Stevenson said “There were 15 teams last year but we hope there will be many more when the Jenson Button Trust Triathlon returns to the city this July.“Team MBS will be training hard to try and retain our title this year, but I am sure the competition will be even stiffer this year as more teams come on board.”Dean Jackson from event organiser, Derby-based HUUB Events, concluded “We are delighted that the support from Smith Cooper has ensured that we are able to offer the Team Challenge as part of the Jenson Button Trust Triathlon again this year.“Their support enables the funds raised from the Team Challenge to all go to Cancer Research UK, which is the Jenson Button Trust’s partner charity this year.“With the confirmation of the Team Challenge and the introduction of the ‘Be More Bailey’ family challenge headed by the inspirational young lad Bailey Matthews – this is now truly an event for everyone to enjoy regardless of their age or experience in the growing sport of triathlon.”He added, “Entries from novice and elite athletes alike for the individual event are gathering pace and the response from the business community at the launch event hosted by Marketing Derby was brilliant; so I am sure that we will have literally thousands of people joining Jenson for a fantastic day of sport this July.”Individuals and teams will get the chance to race twice on 17 July. The preliminary will consist of a 200m swim in Markeaton Lake, 11K cycle from the park and into the city centre before returning to the park to complete a 2.5Krun.In the individual event, the top male and female performers will then go on to the finals – completing a 400m swim, 20K cycle and 5K run, with the runners up entering the wooden spoon race. The Team Challenge participants will race again in the afternoon over the Super Sprint distance and the team with the fastest average time will emerge victorious.During the lunchtime break – the ‘Be More Bailey’ family challenge will start with a 50m swim in the lake then heading out onto the closed roads for a 2.5K cycle before a 750m run – crossing the same finishing line as the JBTT Relatedlast_img read more

‘I felt so alive’: One man’s inspirational story of advance voting in Johnson County

first_imgThe pure, unadulterated joy of advance voting is difficult to convey in words.Life is a long and arduous journey.But every now and again, if we’re lucky, the veil between the mundane and the sublime is lifted, perhaps for just a fleeting moment, and we get to experience the true essence of being, a oneness among all things.Today was one of those days for me. Because I cast my ballot in the primary elections.I took advantage of Johnson County’s in-person advance voting, WHICH STARTED TODAY AND WILL RUN THROUGH EARLY AUGUST, at the Johnson County Northeast Offices, 6000 Lamar.Of course, I could have voted in advance at the Johnson County Arts and Heritage Center, 8788 Metcalf; the Johnson County Election Office, 2101 East Kansas City Road; or one of three other advance voting sites. Honestly, the most difficult part of the whole thing was choosing which conveniently located advance voting site I would use — it’s an embarrassment of convenience riches!I arrived at 10:01 a.m. — precisely one minute after advance voting operations opened (10 a.m., that is. Advance voting is offered from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m. Monday through Friday. On Saturdays, it’s offered from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m.) — to find a line of about 10 people ahead of me.“No,” I said to myself. “Dear god above no. This can’t be happening. WHY!?!!?!”But then the line started moving very quickly. And within about two minutes I was at my voting machine. So the line turned out not to be a big deal!“Wow,” I said. “I guess the message to anyone who is concerned about long lines at advance voting sites is that it’s really not worth worrying about.”This is the first election cycle that the Johnson County Election Office is using its new voting machines, which give voters the option of seeing their votes printed on a paper ballot before the ballot is cast. Although I could not read the barcodes on the ballot, I did see a plain text summary of my selections. Which was nice.I reinserted the card into the machine and clicked on the button to finish casting my ballot.It’s hard to describe the rush I felt participating in America’s electoral representative democracy. The births of my children are the closest I can come. And I’m not even sure that fully does it justice.Anyway, if you’re interested in experiencing what it’s like to look into the face of the divine, I’d encourage you to look into advance voting in Johnson County as well!last_img read more

Dynacord Updates SONICUE Software for Setup of Sound Systems

first_imgSONICUE sound system software addresses the entire sound system and encapsulates Dynacord’s core design philosophies of simplicity, clarity and transparency. Its design provides a comprehensive system overview, making it quicker to set up, tune and operate sound systems with minimal effort.Dynacord significantly expands the scope of SONICUE with the version 1.2 update. The new release fully supports the new MXE5 matrix mix engine, which completes the sound system by providing input, routing and mixing functionality, and sophisticated DSP functions. When integrated with Dynacord IPX series amplifiers, MXE5 can serve as a system head for overall system supervision, monitoring and control, while the system logic supports communication with other OCA devices, including third-party products. Running as independent apps on desktop PCs and the TPC-1 touch panel controller, SONICUE 1.2 adds customization features for user control panels and system logic for advanced tasks.SONICUE’s new control panel designer is a comprehensive toolbox that allows for stand-alone, lockable applications. The user interface design is customizable and assignable with different functions according to the required user type, such as system and sound engineers, facility managers, or service personnel in hospitality areas. With the new system logic and customizing functions, the applications can be loaded with dynamic content for specific application modes, raising the user experience to a new level.The logic editor is quick and easy to operate for the system designer and produces advanced system tasks without requiring coding skills. System integrators and AV installers can address project requirements for fixed installations more efficiently and effectively via SONICUE’s interaction concept, which is based on a guided workflow and direct access of all system parameters.This update also includes an activated update routine for loudspeaker databases and a handy overview that displays all supported devices’ current firmware versions. The software is available now as a free download here: www.dynacord.comlast_img read more

Broward legal aid receives $250,000 grant from Children’s Services Council

first_img April 1, 2017 Regular News Broward legal aid receives $250,000 grant from Children’s Services Council Broward legal aid receives $250,000 grant from Children’s Services Council Legal Aid Service of Broward County received a $250,000 grant from the Children’s Services Council to expand the current legal services provided for children in the child welfare/dependency system. Recognizing a need for advocacy that leads to permanency, the council initiated this program that supports legal aid attorneys representing children. The funding will enable a team of three attorneys, a managing attorney, social worker, and a paralegal to advocate for shortened lengths of stay for children in foster care, address systemic issues in the Broward child welfare system, and continue community-wide efforts to make improvements. The team will follow models that have been successful on the national level, making sure that the focus remains on the child. Through collaboration with community stakeholders, the program team will advocate for timely, safe, and appropriate permanency options, which are either reunification, placement with a relative, or adoption. “Our goal is permanency for the child, and this project focuses on achieving that goal in a timely manner,” said Walter Honaman, supervising attorney for the Children’s Advocacy Unit at LAS. “minimizing the time that a child is in the dependency system, we help stabilize Broward County on all levels and most efficiently use the monies spent on the child welfare system.” For more information about the work of LAS, visit read more

Highlight this Blog Post at Your Own Risk

first_imgThe Huffington Post: How did you study? It’s question I often find myself asking college students during office hours when they come by to talk about a disappointing exam score or ask for suggestions for improving future performance. One thing you learn when you ask this question is that people approach studying in very different ways.Flashcards for key terms. Underlining. Diagrams for major themes. Writing summaries. Re-reading before the exam. There’s no shortage of study strategies available to the diligent student. And, quite often, there’s no shortage of confidence that the tactics each of us chooses are effective.…In an article in this month’s Psychological Science in the Public Interest, a team of researchers led by psychologists at Kent State University published a thorough review of empirical research on 10 commonly used learning techniques, including old standbys like highlighting, using mental imagery, and practice tests. For each technique, they explored the assumptions underlying the strategy, and then assessed what empirical research has to teach us regarding actual effectiveness.Read the whole story: The Huffington Post More of our Members in the Media >last_img read more

Are Some Kids More Likely to Become Narcissists?

first_imgScientific American Mind:Some individuals are indeed more susceptible to developing a narcissistic personality. Narcissism is characterized by self-centeredness (“It’s all about me!”), grandiosity (“I’m better than you!”) and vanity (“Look at me!”). It involves multifaceted psychological traits, motives and needs that influence how a person thinks, feels and behaves. Given this complexity, developing this form of extreme self-love is not as simple as inheriting a particular gene or experiencing a specific event. Instead becoming a narcissist likely involves an intricate mix of genetic and psychological or environmental factors.Read the whole story: Scientific American Mind More of our Members in the Media >last_img read more