Colorado Mine-Tragedy Dispatchers Honored

first_imgSix miners were killed inside the Crandall Canyon Mine near Huntington, Utah, when a roof collapsed in August 2007. Ten days later, three rescuers trying to reach the miners were killed. “It’s real nice to be honored. But we would much rather not to have that happen at all,” said Emery County emergency dispatcher Maureen Copatch. Emery County Sheriff Lamar Guyman was on hand Friday to watch his dispatchers receive their awards and he praised the work they do on a daily basis. Even after dispatchers were done with their regular shifts, they would often go straight to the mobile command post next to the mine to continue helping. During the constant barrage of calls dispatchers received during that time, some came from as far away as Japan and Australia. Friday, emergency dispatchers from the Emery County Sheriff’s Office and the Department of Public Safety’s Price Communications Center were honored during a luncheon recognizing the top dispatchers of the year. “The hardest thing is we’re such a small community, everyone was connected to some part,” she said. “It was more than just work. It didn’t seem real.” Copatch says her office did what any other dispatch group would have done if it had happened in their jurisdiction. HUNTINGTON, Utah — It was a tragedy watched and mourned by people from around the world. The Crandall Canyon Mine disaster was named the Dispatch Incident of Year. Dispatchers who worked without rest for two weeks, answering hundreds of phone calls from around the world, including frantic calls from concerned family members, citizens and the media, while still giving attention to other emergency calls not related to the mine, were presented with plaques for their efforts. The honors were presented by the Association of Public Safety Communications Officials. “Dispatchers never get enough tribute. They never get enough pay. They should be classified as law enforcement and not civilians,” he said.Also Friday, dispatchers from the Beaver and Millard County Sheriff’s offices, and DPS’ Communications Centers in Richfield and Cedar City were honored for their work during the Milford Flat fire, the largest Utah wildfire in Utah history. The 2007 fire caused multiple freeway closures, evacuations, and contributed to the deaths of two motorcyclists from California. E-mail: [email protected]last_img read more

Seven Injured, Two Dead in Los Angeles Crash and Electrocution

first_imgLOS ANGELES (AP) – Seven people suffered electric shocks including two women who were electrocuted Wednesday night as they rushed to help at a Los Angeles accident scene where an SUV knocked over a fire hydrant and a power pole, exposing live wires that electrified the gathering water, authorities said.The two women were the first to reach the scene on a front lawn in the Valley Village area where the man driving the SUV was injured in the crash but was the only victim not shocked. They were taken in grave condition to a hospital where they were declared dead, said Los Angeles fire spokesman Erik Scott.The driver of the SUV, a white Chevy Traverse, was attempting to round a corner as he drove on Magnolia Boulevard, lost control, and hit the hydrant and pole before coming to rest on the front lawn of a home.As more people approached the scene to help, more were shocked.Witness James Pike said he heard the long skid of brakes followed by a loud “boom,” then saw the scene seconds after the accident.“I run outside and across the street and I see two women laying on the sidewalk,” he told NBC4. “And I see two or three young gentlemen who kept trying to rescue them and pull them to safety. And each time they would try to pull them they were getting shocked.”Firefighters, who had to approach the scene carefully to avoid being shocked themselves, worked to treat the injured and shut down the water and power with help from city utility workers.The six survivors had minor injuries, Scott said. Five were taken to hospitals, and one declined an ambulance.No names or other details about the victims were immediately released.Copyright 2012 The Associated Press.last_img read more

Ten Most Generous Celebrities Selected by ‘Why I Give’

first_imgAddThis Sharing ButtonsShare to FacebookFacebookFacebookShare to TwitterTwitterTwitterShare to EmailEmailEmailShare to RedditRedditRedditShare to MoreAddThisMoreGiving is not about riches. Many people, who are wealthy with millions, if not billions, of dollars in bank accounts, use their money for themselves only.Reaching out to the needy in society, whether within our boundaries or assisting in far fledged countries, is a special calling but also one that ordinary people can get behind.As a leading authority on philanthropy and social innovation, it has been an honor to help many and to work with some wonderful people in the field. As an orator, I use my persuasion skills to pull in celebrities for fundraising events that seek to tackle societal problems around the world. Inspired by personalities like former NFL Player Michael Strahanur, our annual philanthropy summits have engaged thousands of attendees each year to donate to worthy causes.Although Strahanur (left) did not make the top 10 list this year, he is a celebrity television personality to watch. With his generous heart and likeability, he uses his growing platform in entertainment and sports to raise money to help youth in foster care and group homes on his website, The Compound Foundation.Top Ten Philanthropic CelebritiesMatt DamonThis actor, writer, producer has been recognized for his tireless efforts in the campaign aimed at stopping the Darfur war. He is also the co-founder of to address the water crisis in Africa. Damon is also a board member of Tonic Mailstopper whose work is to try and stop the flow of junk mail and reduce the cutting of trees. He has supported the One Campaign in the fight against AIDS and poverty and became an ambassador of ONEXONE to improve the lives of children in Canada, the United States and around the world. Most recently, Damon has co-founded Industrial Revolution II, now operating its first business in Haiti offering employment and community support with its new socially-responsible garment factory.Oprah WinfreyRated as the most philanthropic African-American personality, Oprah’s successful life has been an inspiration and help to many. She has given millions of dollars in her philanthropic work. Oprah’s Angel Network has encouraged ordinary people to help make a huge difference for people in need, including hurricane victims. Oprah is currently involved in supporting the Leadership Academy for Girls near Johannesburg in South Africa. In setting up the academy she invested $40 million.Brad Pitt and Angelina JolieThis superstar couple has been involved in building new homes for residents of New Orleans who were displaced by hurricane Katrina. Through Pitt’s Make It Right Foundation they have immensely contributed towards the reconstruction of New Orleans (GNN story here). Angelina has also been involved in assisting and advocating for the needy in society as a goodwill ambassador of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees. The couple donated two million dollars to a Namibia Charity in 2011.Ben AffleckAffleck has put his best foot forward by tackling the humanitarian crisis in the Democratic Republic of Congo. He was involved with the United Nations in the release of a film that highlighted the refugees problems in DRC.Alicia KeysAs a spokesperson for Frum Tha Ground Up, this singer songwriter has inspired American youth to achieve success. Keys is also the ambassador for Keep A Child Alive and has traveled to countries such as Uganda, Kenya, and South Africa, speaking to teens and young adults who have lost their parents to AIDS and are now the heads of their households.MadonnaThe pop icon is well known for adopting a Malawian child, but her Raising Malawi foundation also provides water, food, schooling amenities and medical care in Malawi for hundreds of the country’s orphans.Michael J. FoxFox has vigorously supported research for Parkinson’s disease. Through the Michael J. Fox Foundation for Parkinson’s Research he has raised over $100 million to date.Sir Elton JohnElton John’s vast wealth has been used to support the fight against AIDS in the world. Through the Elton John AIDS Foundation, which he founded in 1992, he has raised more than $125 million to support programs in the world.BonoBono’s RED campaign and charity concerts have advanced the alleviation of poverty and debt in third world countries. His calls for debt relief and AIDS awareness campaigns have benefitted  millions and boosted groups such as Greenpeace and Amnesty International.Jackie ChanChan has been actively involved in helping youngsters who are at risk in Hong Kong. He also made a huge donation to UNICEF for tsunami relief in 2004. He also donates money to the Chrysalis, a non-profit in Los Angeles assisting the homeless.Michael Chatman helps celebrities raise funds for charitable causes. He is one of the most listened-to voices in philanthropy and social innovation with 270,000 followers on Twitter; provides market strategy for America’s leading thought leaders in philanthropy and social innovation, and positions their message to achieve greater social impact. Mr. Chatman, founder of Philanthropy Speakers Agency and host of #WHYiGIVE, is credited with building one of the most popular brands in the philanthropic sector. Follow Michael’s Twitter feed at @michaelchatman.AddThis Sharing ButtonsShare to FacebookFacebookFacebookShare to TwitterTwitterTwitterShare to EmailEmailEmailShare to RedditRedditRedditShare to MoreAddThisMorelast_img read more

Students oppose changes to policy

first_imgThe Leprechaun Legion announced Wednesday they have changed the football seating policy for next season, sparking a wide range of strong feelings from the student body. In an email to the student body, the Legion said football tickets will continue to be sorted by class, but they will be first-come first-serve within each class section. “We believe that this system will allow the most passionate fans to sit closest to the field, giving our team a louder, more intimidating home-field advantage,” the email stated. Many students, including junior Jack Gardner, expressed displeasure with the changes. Gardner began a petition on Facebook citing problems with the new method, including a sense of animosity and safety issues. “Confrontation is inevitable as students line up hours before games, attempt to reserve spots in line, “cut” one another in line, argue about proper order, etc.,” Gardner said in the petition. Gardner wrote that large numbers of students cramming onto the front bleachers would create a safety hazard and could also potentially damage the stadium. Freshman Jenn Jaeger agreed with the petition and Gardner’s proposal of returning to the traditional method of assigning seats to students. “I am also worried about sitting with my groups of friends since space will be hard to come by,” she said. Sophomore Michael Junkins said the new policy gives football games an even more unorganized and chaotic atmosphere than they already had. “It is complicating something very simple,” he said. Sophomore Meredith Vieira proposed an alternative solution. “Other schools have a system to give the most passionate fans the best seats based on attendance to other sport events,” she said. “This allows everyone to enjoy other game-day activities.” Sophomore Wyatt Smith cited the high cost of a season ticket booklet and said he felt reassured knowing he had an assigned seat that was his and no one else’s. “We are already paying a lot of money for these football tickets,” Smith said. “However, now you lose that sense of security, knowing that you had a unique seat.” While they are in the minority, some students agree with the new seating policy. Freshman Donald Dye said the method will actually produce a less chaotic environment, since many students did not follow the assigned seating policy anyway. “For those who really care about the game, they would end up in the front and away from those who are intoxicated,” he said. “Those who decide to tailgate will be forced to sit in the back, allowing those in the front to have a more enjoyable time.” Sophomore Keali Bjork said she understands why people are unhappy with the new policy and acknowledges there are potential problems, but she remains in favor of the change. “I go to the games for the social aspect, so it really does not matter where I sit, and people get to sit next to unfamiliar people every time and you can potentially meet a lot more people that way,” she said. “Die-hard fans will be able to get good seating no matter what.” In response to the argument that people will fight for undesignated seats, senior Tom Oliver said it will not change much within the student section. “People still argue even when there is assigned seating,” he said. Oliver said he has experienced female students arriving to the game during the third quarter and asking for their seats back, which frustrates him. After Gardner sent his petition and its signatures to the Legion and the Ticketing Office, he said he received responses from both organizations that indicate only a small chance of a policy reversal. “I do not think the policy is going to be changed,” he said. “Hopefully, the new system works out and we all have a blast next year, as usual, but if not, I hope the Legion, Ticketing Office and anyone else with influence over the student section make the decision to return to group seating for future [Notre Dame] classes.”last_img read more

Roadrunner Classic Leads in SRAM Tour of Gila With Huge Cash Purse

first_imgThe 2010 Roadrunner Classic is a one day Omnium for Pro 1, 2 men and women to be held in Albuquerque New Mexico on April 24, 2010. Both Roadrunner TT and Road events will be held on the Snake, a hilly 6.3 mile closed course at an elevation of 5,200 feet. It will be an ideal warm-up and staging event for the SRAM Tour of the Gila in Silver City on April 28th.It’s also a chance for a big payout: The purse is $9,000 for Men Pro, 1, 2, and $6,000 for Women Pro 1, 2.There is also a separate Time Trial event for Cat 3, 4, 5 men and Cat 3, 4 women. The Omnium includes a 6.3 mile time trial and 63 mile men’s / 37.8 mile women’s road race.“The cancellation of the Tour of Georgia and the rescheduling of the Tour of California until May 16-23, presented an opportunity to create an event in Albuquerque in association with the SRAM Tour of the Gila to fill the void left on the U.S. racing calendar. High altitude and mild weather in New Mexico in April provide cyclists with an opportunity to train and race at altitude to prepare for the upcoming season or the SRAM Tour of the Gila,” said Charles Ovis, RoadRunner Classic coordinator. “For those pros targeting the Amgen Tour of California, it presents an excellent opportunity physiologically to train at high altitude prior to competing at sea level for that event.”Registration for the 2010 RoadRunner Classic is now open. Entry fee for men and women Pro 1, 2 Omnium is $65. Men and Women Cat 3, 4, 5 Time Trial is $20. Register early so you don’t miss out on this historic event. Event registration is now open online at Right now we are opening only 45 spots for Men Cat 1, 2 in the Omnium event, so it is important to register early. We are reserving 75 spots for the Men Pro’s in the Omnium event. We will open more spots for Men Cat 1, 2 in the Omnium event after March 31.Aside from the competitions, a Spectator Expo will provide a full day of family activities adjacent to the race course finish line. The Expo will include a New Mexico food fair, bike show, demonstration rides and plenty of fun and games while the racers are speeding their way around the Snake.A portion of the proceeds of the event will go to the Wounded Warrior Project, whose mission is to honor and empower wounded warriors. A newly formed Wounded Warriors Cycling Team has been invited to train in Albuquerque for the week prior to the event and will participate in the Time Trial.The event is sponsored by Bernalillo County, Albuquerque Convention and Visitors Bureau and Wells Fargo Advisors.last_img read more

Energy Co-op earns Efficiency Vermont’s ‘Best of the Best’ award

first_imgEnergy Co-op of Vermont,Vermont Business Magazine Recent energy upgrades to a 1950’s cape-style home in Burlington have not only greatly improved the home’s comfort and reduced its energy costs but have also earned the Energy Co-op of Vermont a 2018 “Best of the Best” Award from Efficiency Vermont. The Moore’s home in Burlington’s New North End was cold and drafty, particularly in the upstairs areas due to lack of insulation. Following an energy audit, working with a limited budget, Energy Co-op recommended installing improved ventilation in the bathroom plus some strategically placed foam insulation in the attic and knee walls.”We’re really proud of Paul Fleckenstein and our Efficiency Services team,” says Brian Gray, general manager of the Energy Co-op, “This project demonstrates that even simple, affordable upgrades can make a big difference.”Paul Fleckenstein says, “By solving large air leaks and improperly installed insulation we were able to tighten the house up to make it more comfortable and greatly improve indoor air quality. These improvements delivered a 16% reduction in overall energy use for the homeowner.”The Building Performance & Home Performance with ENERGY STAR® awards recognize excellence in energy efficiency retrofit projects by participating contractors in Efficiency Vermont’s Building Performance and Home Performance with ENERGY STAR programs. Awards are given out annually at the Better Buildings by Design Conference.About the Energy Co-op of Vermont Energy Co-op of Vermont is a member-owned, not-for-profit, fuel services and energy efficiency cooperative located in Colchester, Vermont. The Co-op opened for business in 2001 and serves over 2,000 members and customers in Northwestern and Central Vermont with deliveries of heating oil, kerosene and made-in-Vermont wood pellets. The Co-op also offers energy audits, weatherization services and maintenance, repair and installation of high-efficiency heating equipment such as furnaces, boilers and heat pumps.Source: February 20, 2018….Colchester, Vermont……Energy Co-op of Vermontlast_img read more

Northeast Johnson County morning roundup

first_imgPhoto via Zach Flanders on Twitter.Indivisible organizers attract large crowd to north Overland Park Winstead’s. A meeting of the new group Indivisible KS-3, which sprung up in recent weeks to oppose the agenda of President Donald Trump, drew a crowd of approximately 150 to an organizing meeting at the north Overland Park Winstead’s on Tuesday.Campus carry repeal bill fails to advance out of committee. The campus carry repeal bill promoted by a group of northeast Johnson County legislators couldn’t collect enough votes in the Senate Federal and State Affairs Committee to the full senate for consideration. [Kansas campus-carry repeal bill stuck in committee — Associated Press]Rosehill Elementary gets grant from NFL sponsored group for new play equipment, cafeteria signage. Rosehill Elementary will receive $3,500 from the Fuel Up to Play 60 program, which is sponsored by the National Dairy Council, the Midwest Dairy Council, and the NFL in collaboration with the United States Department of Agriculture. The money will be used to fund recess equipment and signs in the cafeteria encouraging students to make healthy food choices.last_img read more

Cassidy Turley Completes $77M Sale of Broadway 101 Commerce Park

first_imgCassidy Turley announced today that Denver-based Industrial Income Trust (IIT) has purchased Broadway 101 Commerce Park, an 808,419 SF institutional-quality industrial development in Mesa.IIT, a non-traded real estate investment trust, purchased the property for $77M in a cash deal.Lincoln Property Company sold Broadway 101, and was represented by the Cassidy Turley team of Executive Vice Presidents Bob Buckley, Steve Lindley and Tracy Cartledge; Executive Managing Director Tom Powers; Executive Vice Presidents Mike Haenel and Andy Markham, SIOR; and Vice President Marc Tuite. Powers works in the Cincinnati office of Cassidy Turley, while the other six brokers are in the Phoenix office.“Broadway 101 is one of the highest profile industrial developments in the Western Region, evidenced by the exceptional buyer interest with major institutional investors including several that were new to the Arizona market,” Buckley said.Built in two phases in 2005 and 2007, Broadway 101 Commerce Park includes 11 buildings – five warehouses, three general industrial and three office/warehouse.Located at 2140-2360 E. Broadway Rd., the property is one-half mile from the Loop 101/Price Freeway. Broadway 101 was 79% leased at the time of sale to a diversified and high quality tenant base that includes Worldwide Technology Holdings, PCT International, Aviall Services (a wholly-owned subsidiary of Boeing), Mitel Networks, Siemens Water Technologies and Patterson Dental Supplies.Cassidy Turley’s Haenel, Markham and Tuite have had the leasing assignment at Broadway 101 since 2004.“We have handled the leasing of Broadway 101 since the project’s inception, successfully closing deals even during some of the most challenging economic years,” Haenel said. “Cassidy Turley is excited for the opportunity to work with IIT and continue as the leasing team for Broadway 101.”last_img read more

World Environment Day 2019 – Beat Air Pollution

first_img Guyana, Suriname Recommit to Continued Development In order to address the challenge of air pollution, as a region that is at the forefront of the global flight on climate change we have to continue to advocate for more ambitious climate action by the international community.  Closer to home we have to examine means of improving our waste disposals methods and more importantly addressing the unsustainable consumption and production patterns that generate amounts of waste that are not compatible with SIDS realities. In this regard serious consideration can be given at the household and national level to separating organic waste and reducing the amount of food wastage.  There have been international best practices demonstrating how organic waste can be diverted for improving soil fertility and generating alternate energy. As we celebrate World Environment Day we should continue to “think global but act local”.  The future of our planet and our future generations require collective action on a sustained basis. On Caribbean Statistics Day, PM Mitchell Hails Unwavering… Oct 15, 2020 You may be interested in… Oct 1, 2020 Sep 11, 2020 Today is World Environment Day(Caribbean Public Health Agency Press Release) The Caribbean Public Health Agency (CARPHA) recognises World Environment Day as a time to call to action all governments and citizens of CARPHA Member States to do their part to safeguard Caribbean Biodiversity through: legislation and enforcement, sustainable development, an end to all types…June 5, 2020In “Agriculture”STATEMENT BY THE SECRETARY-GENERAL OF THE CARIBBEAN COMMUNITY (CARICOM) AMBASSADOR IRWIN LAROCQUE ON THE OCCASION OF WORLD ENVIRONMENT DAY, 5 JUNE 2018 AND WORLD OCEANS DAY, 8 JUNE 2018It gives me pleasure to bring greetings as the International Community marks World Environment Day on 5 June and World Oceans Day on 8 June.  This year finds both celebrations having synergistic themes namely “Beat Plastic Pollution” (World Environment Day) and “Preventing plastic pollution and encouraging solutions for a healthy…June 8, 2018In “General”CARICOM Secretariat celebrates World Environment Day 2015  As the Region celebrates World Environment Day 2015, the CARICOM Secretariat is conscious of issues related to the environment and agriculture, particularly sustaining the environment to ensure food and nutrition security for this and future generations. In the accompanying video, Deputy Programme Manager, Agricultural Development, Dr. Ronnie Brathwaite, addresses…June 5, 2015In “CARICOM”Share this on WhatsAppcenter_img The increasing impacts of global climate change especially as it affects CARICOM Small Island and Low Lying Coastal Developing States (SIDS) creates new challenges as we face increased frequency and intensity of climate related disasters.  Flood waters serve as a breeding ground for airborne microbes and mold which when picked up by the wind, can lead to lung disease. Dust mites, microorganisms and mold which thrive in damp buildings and furniture, aggravate asthma, allergies and hypersensitivity pneumonitis. On the other extreme droughts coupled with unsustainable land use practices can lead to sand and dust storms.  Fine particles of dust can travel thousands of miles carrying pathogens and harmful substances, causing acute and chronic respiratory problems. As a region we also have to be mindful that open waste burning and organic waste in landfills can release harmful dioxins, furans, methane, and black carbon into the atmosphere.  The United Nations has estimated that open burning of agricultural and municipal waste is practiced in 166 out of 193 countries. Aug 10, 2020 Article by the Sustainable Development Unit, CARICOM Secretariat World Environment Day which takes place annually on June 5 is the United Nations day encouraging worldwide awareness and action to protect our environment. It first began in 1974, and is now widely celebrated in over 100 countries including several CARICOM countries. The theme for this year’s celebration of World Environment Day 2019 calls for action at the local, national and global level to Beat Air Pollution The choice for this year’s theme is linked to data provided by the World Health Organization which shows that every year, around 7 million people die prematurely from disease caused by air pollution. Additionally, the Global Assessment Report on Disaster Risk Reduction 2019, published by the UN Office for Disaster Risk Reduction demonstrated the inter-linkages between air pollution, diseases, earthquakes, drought and climate change and how they build on each other to exacerbate their impact on human health and the environment. CDF, IRENA Collaborate to Boost Low-Carbon Investments in… Sustainable development Unit,  CARICOM Secretariat 5 May 2019 Share this:PrintTwitterFacebookLinkedInLike this:Like Loading… UWI Vice Chancellor Says Caribbean in Need of Special,… last_img read more

Titan Tire, Titan International Announce Senior Management Promotions

first_imgLSI President Brett Tennar says, “Steve’s success in developing operational strategies that improves the bottom line, builds teamwork, reduces waste and ensures quality product development and distribution checks many of the boxes of what we were looking for in a COO. This, coupled with his career in the Air Force working with highly technical systems and his in-depth understanding of Lean Six Sigma and Business Process Management sealed our offer. As our tagline states, our products are Powered by Science. This data driven approach is one reason why our company has grown exponentially as we employ the most advanced technology to product development. I am confident that Steve is the right person to drive operational strategy for our diverse and growing brands.” Advertisement DeMoulpied has a Bachelor of Science degree in Engineering Management from the United States Air Force Academy and a Master of Business Administration degree from the University of Dayton in Marketing and International Business. He served six years with the USAF overseeing the development of technology used on fighter aircraft and the E-3 Surveillance aircraft, finishing his career honorably as Captain. DeMoulpied comes to LSI from the Private Client Services practice of Ernst & Young where he managed strategy & operations improvement engagements for privately held client businesses. Some of his prior roles include VP of strategic development, director of strategic initiatives, and Lean Six Sigma Master Black Belt at OptumHealth, UnitedHealth Group’s health services business, as well as Lean Six Sigma Black Belt at General Electric, where he applied operations improvement principles to customer service, supply chain and product development. A successful entrepreneur, deMoulpied is also the founder of PrestoFresh, a Cleveland-based e-commerce food/grocery business.  With more than 20 years of experience across multiple industries and functional areas, deMoulpied has particular expertise in organizations with complex technical products. Combined, his prior positions have required a spectrum of skills in corporate strategy, operations improvement, product quality, and revenue cycle management. He has an impressive history of utilizing data driven problem solving (Lean Six Sigma) and project management (PMP and CSM) to achieve strategic goals surrounding customer satisfaction, operational efficiency and improved profit.  QUINCY, Ill. – Titan International has announced that William Campbell, who has been Titan Tire president for the past 12 years, will become chairman of Titan Tire and executive vice president of Titan International. Campbell will be working with Maurice Taylor, chairman and CEO of Titan International, on all recent and future acquisitions.   Steve Briggs, who has been executive vice president under Campbell’s leadership, will take over as Titan Tire president. Briggs will be concentrating on his team of managers at the tire plants in Des Moines, Iowa; Freeport, Ill.; and Bryan, Ohio. The percentage growth of these three factories will be mid double digits in 2012. Briggs will be very engaged in the progress at these plants.   Prior to joining Titan, Briggs was VP and general manager of Pierce Manufacturing, a division of Oshkosh. He was employed by ROM Corp. prior to Pierce, as president and CEO. Both of these companies are involved in manufacturing products for the military market. He also served in the military for more than 10 years. Briggs earned his masters degree from the University of Missouri.     AdvertisementClick Here to Read MoreAdvertisement,Lubrication Specialties Inc. (LSI), manufacturer of Hot Shot’s Secret brand of performance additives and oils, recently announced the expansion of senior leadership. Steve deMoulpied joins LSI as the company’s chief operating officer (COO). AdvertisementClick Here to Read MoreAdvertisementlast_img read more